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Guide to Cable Management – RND

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Cable management systems are units or fitting that allow the systematic organisation of cables to connect to electrical devices. RND has a wide range of cables, cable ties and cable supports, cable entry systems and cable management tools to help you choose the best solutions and keep your working environment safe.

In the era of innovations, more technologies are going wireless but still, there are a lot of cords and cables connected to different devices. A cable management both supports cables and contains them during installation. Cable management system ensures the safe transport of wires through open spaces such as building rooftops. They make any ensuing maintenance or changes to the cable much easier. If you are a system builder or upgrader, this guide might be helpful for you.

Cable management solutions

Cable management systems are crucial for a safe work environment. If you seek the right cable organisation and want to improve your cable management, whether you need them for your office work or industrial facility, you are in the right place. 

Importance of effective cable management:

  1. Remove unused cables.
  2. Use cable labeling.
  3. Maintain the good condition of cables.
  4. Do not allow cables to overheat.
  5. Improve the system’s performance.
  6. Make maintenance and updates less difficult.

RND Cable 

RND has cables, cable assemblies and cable management tools to fulfil any engineer, technician, maintenance or repair professional needs. In the offer, you can find A/V, Data, RF and main cables as well as glands, markers and heat shrink tubing. 

To make the most out of your work you might need extra equipment, check the RND offer for cable bushings, wires, cable protection, IDC/flat cables, cable clips, multicore cables and more. It is important to keep your cables organised. It can be easier with RND cable products.

Cable management applications 

The amount of cable types is growing and changing, so to not put the workplace into danger, it is better to recognise the type of cables and know their applications. Each of the methods described below is critical in resolving a specific issue with cable management and enhancing your cable organization.

Different types of cables used for installations, in different colours on white background.

Mains cables

Ideal for domestic purposes and light portable devices. Flexible copper conductor of class 5 with a PVC outer sheath in a variety of colours and cores. Used for a wide range of purposes, must be tailored.

Mains cables, also called electric cables, are light-duty cables with class 5 flexible copper conductors. Suitable for domestic use and light portable equipment. They are unsuitable for outdoor use or industrial applications. They are used in electronic devices for power and signal circuits. Search for mains cables in different colours and cores.

Mains Cable 5x 1.5mm² Copper Unshielded 500V 50m Black, RND Cable

This type of light-duty cable with class 5 flexible copper conductors is ideal for connecting household and light portable gadgets. For use in domestic appliances and light portable appliances. See the whole range of mains cables.

Cable Bushings

Cable bushings protect both wires and the equipment and surfaces through which they pass. Pulling, tugging, and abrasions can damage wires, thus bushings are employed to protect them. They keep wires separated to prevent short circuits and harm to machinery.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The ability to open and close
  • For retrofitting

Cable Bushing, 13mm, Polyamide, Black, Pack of 50 pieces, RND Components

Specifications: material PA66, UL-94V-2 in black colour, hole diameter 13 mm. Find RND cable bushing in a different size (16mm).

Cable Bushing, 13mm, Polyamide, White, Pack of 50 pieces, RND Components

Specifications: material PA66, UL-94V-2 in white colour, hole diameter 13 mm with panel depth 6.4mm.

Cable Clamps

Cable clamps, also known as P-clamps or Adel clamps, are similar to clips and can be used to secure and route cables. They help prevent coupling, which is produced by wires running too close to high-power electrical equipment and causes interference difficulties. Screws, bolts, rivets, and other fasteners can be used to conveniently install them.


  • superior quality
  • made of polyamide

Cable Clamp 9.5 mm Screw Polyamide, RND Cable

Made from polyamide in natural colour with temperature range -40…+85 °C. Check cable clamps in different sizes.

Cable Clips

Cable clips, also known as wire clips, are used to manage and organise routed wiring by fastening cable to fixed places on the surface, such as the wall, floor, or ceiling. It is critical, however, that the surface be suitable for nailing or screwing. If it isn’t, the best option is to use an adhesive cable clip. This can easily be adhered to your surface and then removed as needed. The cable clips are generally composed of sturdy plastic or metal, with a component to keep the cable in place. They are constructed as a single component and keep cords clean.


  • self-adhesive
  • PVC material, UL certified, 94V-0, with sticky tape
  • Conduct your flat cable in a clean and secure manner

Cable Clip 9 mm PVC Pack of 100 pieces, RND Cable

Usage note: flat cable. Temperature range -10…+65 °C in a grey colour with a clamping range of 10 mm and PVC material.

Floor Cable Conduits

Cables, ground, and bond quality are all protected by floor cable conduits, reducing electromagnetic interference. Conduits with a metal base are commonly used in factories for general wiring and machine connections. Plastic conduits, such as PVC conduits, are more flexible and have a faster recovery time.


  • For the safety of exposed cables
  • Made of soft PVC, simple to shorten
  • Cut to the length needed for temporary or permanent wiring

Floor Cable Conduit Soft-PVC Grey 1.83m x 50.8mm, RND Cable

Designed for protection of exposed cables. Made of soft PVC in a grey colour, hence easy to shorten. Find different sizes of our RND cable conduits.

Cable wraps

The two most frequent types of cable wraps are spiral cable wrap and slit harness wrap. Spiral wrap is a type of wrap that is constructed in the shape of a spiral. This enables you to route cables from the bundle in whatever way you like. The re-routed bundle can also be wrapped in spiral cable wrap. Its structure and design make it incredibly adaptable. It’s great for robotic applications that require cables to flex and move because of this.


  • For cable harnesses in a logical manner
  • Durable and reusable, with spiral strength retained
  • Bands can easily follow wire paths thanks to their flexible structure

Spiral Wrap Tubing, 9 … 32mm, Polyethylene, White, RND Cable

Spiral wrap tubing is made from polyethene in white colour with a length of 10 metres and temperature range -25…+65 °C. Search for more types of cable wraps.

Cable ties

Cable ties are fasteners that bundle cables and wires together. They are the most often chosen managing cable solutions because they are really functional. Cable ties are available in different sizes, materials and colours and come in different types:

  1. Marker cable ties – a typical cable tie with a tag on which you can write.
  2. Plastic cable ties – the most common, available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and materials.
  3. Heavy-duty cable ties – heavy cable bundles are perfect for outdoor application.
  4. Releasable cable ties – It’s possible to utilise them more than once.
  5. Belt cable ties – having a mechanism for fast release.

Cable Tie Assortment Black, RND Cable

Cable tie assortment is typically used in electrical cabling applications but is also good for packaging applications like bag or sack tying during raw material shipment. They don’t contain any halogens. Check out the entire cable tie collection, which comes in white, multicoloured, and various sizes.

Cable tie mounts

By guiding cables and conductors away from moving parts, cable tie mounts can help safeguard them from harm. Conductor bundles can be protected from pinch points generated by weatherproof outer cabinet doors and hinges. Different sizes of cable tie mounts are also available.

The material used for the mount should always be suitable for the environment in which it will be utilised. Some cable tie mounts are made entirely of nylon, while others include stainless steel. However, most cable tie mounts are made of nylon, which is a typical material that is robust, durable, and resistant to heat and chemicals. Masonry cable tie mounts, for example, are designed to be installed in block or concrete walls.

Cable Tie Mount 3.8mm White Polyamide 6.6 Pack of 100 pieces, RND Cable

They are pluggable, self-fixing cradles and have a drill hole on board. Their temperature range is -25…+75 °C and this cable tie mount type is made from Nylon 66 (UL 94 V-2).

Cable Tie Mount 4.6mm Black Polyamide 6.6 Pack of 100 pieces, RND Cable

Are you looking for a cable tie mount that is practical, adaptable, and long-lasting for routing and fastening wires and cables in place? The 4.6mm Cable tie mount from RND is designed to accommodate low weight wire bundles when correctly put on any clean and smooth surface. For heavy support, a mounting hole is provided for screws. Search for more cable tie mounts in different sizes and colours.

Cable Tie Mount 5.1mm White Polyamide 6.6 Pack of 100 pieces, RND Cable

This type of cable tie mount is saddle design for maximum stability with a screw mount and flammability rating of UL94V-2. The specifications are 3.5 mm of the borehole; 5.1 mm tie width and -25…+75 °C temperature range. In a white colour white made of polyamide.

Braided cable sleeves

The main purpose of cable wraps is to keep bundle cables organised and protected from harm. Braided cable sleeves are cable managements that keep your cables and connections organised while saving space and adapting to different designs. It protects the wire from moisture, abrasions, and other risks by acting as a wire cover.


  • Retractility, flexibility, and endurance
  • PET monofilament with a high tensile and low environmental impact
  • High-temperature and high-pressure resistance, flame retardant

Braided Cable Sleeves Black 12mm, RND Cable

To tie and protect diverse wires for vehicles, computer internal wiring, optical fibre, cable, and speaker wire. Their reel length up to 200 meters with operating temperature range is between -50°C~150°C in a sleeve black colour and PET material. Flammability of VW-1 / UL1441 and  ≥55000psi tensile strength. The moisture adsorption of ≤0.08% and melt temperature 240±10℃ with low-temperature flexibility -70℃. They have environmental protection standard RoHS. Search for more braided cable sleeves types, sizes and sales.

Cable glands

Cable glands or cord grips are important mainly in industrial applications and are used to pass cables out of an enclosure in a watertight manner with simultaneous strain relief. In addition, bend protection may be present. Used to transfer cables into an enclosure or control unit to prevent cable damage and failure. Controls the bend or prevents a cable from being dragged out of a system in industrial situations. 

Cable glands also keep your wire safe from damage. A cable gland protects the cable from debris, grease, moisture, and dust. As a result, it may be used not only in dry applications but also in damp environments. Material handling, machine tools, motors, and pumps are all popular applications for cable glands.


  • Grey RAL7035 or black RAL9005 colours 
  • NBR and EPDM seals

Cable Gland, 4 … 8mm, PG9, Polyamide, Grey, RND Components

The package includes 10 assembled cable glands (cable gland, grommet, locknut, o-ring) + 10 extra grommets. Cable gland in a different size (3… 6.5mm).

Cable Gland, 3 … 6.5mm, PG7, Polyamide, Black, RND Components

The package includes 10 assembled cable glands (cable gland, grommet, locknut, o-ring) + 10 extra grommets.

Cable Twist Lock

Twist ties, also known as cable twist locks, are used in electronic enclosures such as panel boards and electrical enclosures to secure cables. It may be an adequate solution because it is more flexible and precise than cable tie mounts or cable clamps.


  • Material: UL approved 94V-2
  • Tie-up cables at the economical cost
  • Insert cables and twist on to fix

Cable Twist Lock 23.6 mm Polyamide 6.6 Pack of 100 pieces, RND Cable

Made from UL approved 94V-2 material. Tie-up cables are available at an economical cost. They are insert cables possible to twist on to fix.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is used to protect a connection between a wire and a connector. It has high mechanical strength. Heat shrink tubings encapsulate wires in plastic tubing, shrinking the tubes to make a tight-fitting casing with a heat gun. They relieve strain on your wires and allow them to perform at their best. Heat shrinkable tubing with adhesive is completely waterproof and not very flexible after shrinking, heat shrinkable tubing without adhesive remains more flexible but just not waterproof. Heat shrink tubing is more common than braided cable sleeves.

Heat-Shrink Tubing 2:1, 3 … 6.5mm, Black, Polyolefin, 10m, RND Components

Flexible, flame retardant heat shrink tubing with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Packed in a dispenser box pack and self-extinguishing. Search for heat-shrink tubing in different colours.

Heat-Shrink Tubing 2:1, 12.7 … 25.4mm, Brown, Polyolefin, 5m, RND Components

It will perform well in applications that require high-temperature performance, superior abrasion and cut-through resistance or high chemical and solvent resistance qualities. They are cross-linked PVDF with a shrink ratio: 2:1 and superior mechanical and abrasion resistance. Highly flame retardant with high-temperature resistance. Heat-shrink tubing has excellent chemical and solvent resistance. 

Heat-Shrink Tubing, Assortment 2:1 9 pcs., RND Components

Set contains heat-shrink tubing with diameter 4 mm (white), 5.4 mm (red) and 7.4 mm (black) in lengths of 300 mm and 3 pcs. of each size, 9 pcs. in total. Capable of shrinking to 50% of original diameter.

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