Contributing Editors

Justyna, as a Digital Content Writer at Distrelec, is responsible for writing and managing content on KnowHow. She studied Journalism and Social Communication with a specialization in social media and e-PR. In that time she participated in journalist internships in Wroclaw (PL) and London. She is passionate about innovations, the digital world and the impact technology has on our lives. Her interests are creative writing and analog photography.
Jack is a Digital Content Writer at Distrelec. He studied Journalism at University of Central Lancashire, specialising in Print Journalism. During the course he gained experience in working for major national organisations, such as The Independent and BBC. His interests include digitalisation and technology trends. In his spare time, Jack likes to play football, learn languages and attend live music events.
Malcolm is a Product Manager for Test and Measurement Tools and Equipment at Distrelec. Malcolm is dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of the engineers and technicians who turn to him for support. Through partnering all customers, from students or apprentices to industry professionals, to the right product solutions, Malcolm helps propel the future of production.
Ken Berkley is a Results-driven SEO & Content Manager here at Disterelec. With over 10 years’ experience within the search industry Ken prides himself on implementing best practise and SEO techniques to improve organic ranking and visibility.
Lucy is a Product Manager for Semiconductors, Passive components and Optoelectronics at Distrelec. She has a degree in Chemistry specialising in physical and green chemical technologies. Lucy has been in the industry for just under 1 year and is excited to continue expanding her category ranges with the latest technologies and brands making their way in to the market. 
Richard is one of the Product Manager’s at Distrelec with product responsibilities covering Industrial Sensors, Circuit Protection & Thermal Management. He has been with the company since 2019 and now has more than 15 years experience in product management, previously in similar roles within the Automotive industry. With a close relationship to many market leading brands, Richard’s product portfolio continues to develop with innovative new introductions giving engineers and professionals alike the best choice for their application.
Gemma is an Own Brand Manager for RND. Gemma and her team are dedicated to sourcing high-quality, compliant and cost-efficient tools and components for engineers and technicians in maintenance, repair and operations. Passionate about product, she has extensive experience as a Product Manager identifying the best lines and the best deal for our own brand range, RND.
Benn is a Product Manager for Industrial Communication, Power and Computing at Distrelec. He has been with Distrelec for 4 years. Passionate about new technologies and working closely with leading brands to ensure that Distrelec can meet the changing demands of its customers.
Adam Jeffery is a Senior Product Manager for Power Supplies and Semiconductors at Distrelec. Adam has over 10 years’ industry experience and is dedicated to connecting engineers and professionals with the most innovative products available on the market. Passionate about technological progress, Adam helps customers enhance their applications by offering high-quality, cutting-edge components and power supplies from market leading brands.
Gåbor Herédi-Szabó is a head of Single Board Computing category at Distrelec. Captivated by the wealth of applications and opportunities that arise with single board computing (SBC) technology, Gabor is passionate about connecting people of all skill-sets with the SBC products that will propel and expand their unique projects.