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Latest Guide: The second edition of our Robotics and Automation Guide

Distrelec have produced a new and extensively updated version of our Guide to Robotics & Automation which will be shared in exclusive editions though out this year. So far we have published the first and second editions which you can read now.

As a distinguished distributor of electronics, Distrelec ensures that it stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends and innovations in the industry. We believe that passing that expertise down to our customers to help boost productivity and efficiency is crucial.

In the second edition of our Robotics and Automation Guide, you’ll be able to discover how robotics are a key part of the industrial revolution through network connectivity and how they can be embedded into certain workflows and ecosystems to simplify the process and increase efficiency.

Download the second edition below by clicking the button or read in a flipbook format here.

Latest eBook Issue: Industrial Manufacturing

Distrelec is proud to announce the third edition of its eBook series focusing on industrial manufacturing.

Distrelec invests in innovative solutions by working with our key suppliers to deliver a best-in-class product portfolio for our customers. In this eBook we look at some of the solutions in the manufacturing category lead by our key suppliers who are experts in their fields. 

Power Management Systems (PMS)

In this issue, we take a look into some of the industry solutions that tackle the challenging aspects of power management systems (PMS). New technology and products solutions are driving a new era in power management systems, through innovation and collaboration between industry partners.