Robotics and Automation Guide – Distrelec

Robots are set to become even more prevalent in our society over the course of the coming years. They will be pivotal in enhancing our lives, in a wide array of different ways.

Through the automation of tasks that were previously done by humans, they will enable dramatic improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. This will not just be of benefit in an industrial context, there will be opportunities for robots to help us in carrying out medical procedures, undertaking scientific research, producing the food we need, caring for the elderly and educating our children.

As a high-profile distributor of the latest electronic hardware, Distrelec is able to provide customers with a foundation onto which they can construct more effective, fully-automated workflows.

Underlining Distrelec’s continued commitment to more widespread uptake of robotic technology, we have produced a new and extensively updated version of our Guide to Robotics & Automation and we will share it in exclusive editions.

The first edition introduces the reader to the field of robotics. It focuses on history of robots, evolution of robots and robotic systems. It’s an opportunity to read about the potential for human-robot connection (cobots) and industry 5.0 – is it already upon us?

Read the first edition of Robotics and Automation Guide below