Celebrate 50 Years of Distrelec with Us

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This year Distrelec celebrates its 50th birthday and to mark the occasion we’ve gathered some information and vintage materials to showcase how the business has grown since the day of foundation. This is a chance for customers to find out more about Distrelec’s history and the journey which has led us here today as one of Europe’s leading distributors of electronics.

Find out how the Distrelec brand began, discover our heritage and meet the people who make the magic happen. If that wasn’t enough, head to the Distrelec webshop to explore our weekly offers from brands like RND, Siemens, HIKMICRO, MEAN WELL and much more. Keep an eye out for some discounts coming soon too as Distrelec celebrates its 50th birthday with a bang! 

Throughout June, we’ll be offering lots of amazing deals which will last for only a week, before changing to another. That’s FOUR hefty offers over FOUR weeks, so you better be on the ball if something catches your eye! Check out what we’ll be offering below and mark the date in the diary if something piques your interest.

  • Week 1 – Top 50 bestsellers.
  • Week 2 – 50 great offers.
  • Week 3 – 50 Test & Measurement bundles.
  • Week 4 – 50% off at RND.

Summary of our history

Distrelec was founded in Switzerland in November 1973 as one of Europe’s leading technical components distributors. Constant growth over the past half-century has seen the Distrelec Group become a well-established online and catalogue distributor for electronics, automation and measurement technology, as well as for IT and accessories. The company has a local presence in 15 European countries, distribution centres in the Netherlands and Switzerland and a central Enterprise Hub in the UK. Read our interactive timeline to find out everything about our journey from birth to the current day.

Who we are

For Distrelec, there are four key values that act as guidelines for all of the company’s activities. These key values are:

  1. One Team
  2. Empower
  3. Customer First
  4. Grow

One Team

With over 400 employees, Distrelec has the firm belief that by working collaboratively and supporting each other we can perform at our best. Just this year, Distrelec was a finalist in two categories at the UK Company Culture Awards 2023 for Best Working Environment and Best Place to Work. What’s more, in our recent survey 95% of employees said they enjoy working at Distrelec and 90% said they’re positively engaged!

A look inside our Manchester office.


Taking responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves accountable, allows us to feel empowered to make important decisions. We are a trustworthy and reliable distributor of electronics and that transpires down to what we want from our teams on a day-to-day basis.

Customer First

With a constantly growing number of new items, we serve our customers with high-in-quality products and services. Our knowledgeable staff of purchasing and product managers carefully select only those brands and items that can provide the highest calibre to our consumers when establishing our broad product assortment. Utilise our in-depth knowledge and have access to a hand-picked collection of items and components that can help your important tasks. We provide accelerated site delivery to save downtime since we are sensitive to customer priorities. Additionally, our knowledgeable local sales and technical support staff are available to assist.


Distrelec encourages all of its employees to seek opportunities to learn and grow in order to challenge themselves. We offer our employees hundreds of courses through our online portal and also aid our employees in going to conferences in events which have value, where possible. For us, we always want to improve and so do our employees!

How do you get your products?

You have the emergency, we have the spare parts

Distrelec would not be able to exist without its warehouses. This year, Distrelec celebrates its 50th birthday, so we wanted to share with you some ‘behind the scenes’ footage of product warehousing, where you can see your item journey – how it is delivered from us to you. Check out the process below:

Key dates in our history

Check out our interactive timeline to discover our history, as well as well-known world events which happened in the same years. We’ve also included below some archive images of product catalogues and screenshots of what the Distrelec webshop used to look like in the early years of going online.

Archive images

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