Introducing RS PRO: Elevating Your Industrial and Electronic Components

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Join Distrelec on a journey to the RS PRO universe and unlock the potential it holds for your industrial and electronic needs. Welcome to a world of reliability, performance, and affordability – welcome to RS PRO.

We’re delighted to introduce RS PRO to the Distrelec portfolio, giving you the chance to discover some of the RS PRO product ranges. Take the opportunity to explore some of the standout products, gaining insights into how RS PRO can elevate your projects and operations.

What is RS PRO?

RS PRO is the own brand product range of RS Group, a company founded in a lock-up garage in North-West London in 1937. RS Group initially started by designing, testing and selling its own branded engineering products. RS PRO, the brand, was officially launched in 2016, offering a wide selection of high-quality, competitively priced industrial and electronic components. With a strong focus on industrial parts, RS PRO provides top-notch industry quality across a vast range of more than 80,000 products – and Distrelec has started offering a selection of these.

RS PRO Quality

In terms of quality, RS PRO never compromises. Products and components are tested to demanding international standards to gain the RS PRO Seal of Approval (a guarantee of conformity and performance). The RS PRO Seal of Approval stands for the top industry standards for audit, inspection, test, and certification.

Whether you’re searching for precision tools, electronic components, or mechanical parts, RS PRO delivers with a passion for excellence that’s rooted in a commitment to quality.

3 Tailored Solutions for Your Projects with RS PRO

When it comes to precision and performance, RS PRO has you covered. RS understands that every project is unique, which is why with the help from specialised RS PRO guides, you can navigate the world of industrial components seamlessly. Whether you’re diving into panel building, fine-tuning your measurements, or exploring the possibilities of Industrial IoT, we will guide you to empower your projects with the right tools and insights. Let’s explore how RS PRO is your trusted partner in achieving project excellence.

Panel Building

In RS PRO’s product offering, there are several solutions for your panel building projects, from single components to enclosures, including power supplies to push buttons and more. RS PRO offers the parts you need to build, maintain or upgrade your control panels. Find everything you need in RS PRO’s Panel Building Selection Guide, for the inside and outside of the panel.

Test and Measurement Tools

RS PRO offers products for:

  • Electrical and network installations, like multimeters, network and test measurements, thermal imaging cameras and different types of testers, etc.
  • Electronic workbenches, including oscilloscopes, power supplies, loads, ESD control, etc.
  • Environmental purposes, like thermal imagers, manometers and anemometers, gas detectors, solar power, light and moisture meters, temperature probes and more.
  • Laboratories, e.g. ultrasonic cleaners, weighing scales, funnels, magnifiers, microscopes, lab bottles and coats, etc.

Find out more about all the test and measurement products in RS PRO’s Test & Measurement Range Guide.

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming many industries. It’s making a substantial impact on predictive maintenance, supply chain optimisation, and process enhancement. Through data analysis, it empowers informed decision-making, boosting efficiency, and minimising waste.

With RS PRO’s selection of Industrial IoT enabling products, including IO-Link sensors, data cables, HMI displays, antennas, and network testing tools, you can make sure you’re IoT ready. Whether it is for maintenance, logistics or any other sector, RS PRO supports your IoT requirements and assists in enhancing your operational effectiveness.

To see the full range of RS PRO’s IIoT products, check out the Industrial IoT Range Guide. You will find over 8,400 IoT-enabling and smart connectivity products for your projects.

Standards & Safety

Currently, RS PRO tests its products in a new laboratory in the UK. Within this facility, its adept engineering team conducts comprehensive examination, monitoring, and measurement of products and components, adhering strictly to the latest material and element specifications. This ensures that when customers opt for RS PRO, they can trust that the products have undergone rigorous inspection and auditing, meeting demanding industry standards. The RS PRO Seal of Approval stands as a testament to this commitment.

This is a game changer for RS PRO. It gives us the opportunity to prove and validate the quality of our products. This brings our customers greater peace of mind and helps build our reputation as a viable alternative to more expensive, established brands.”

– Andrew Schorley, RS PRO Engineering Manager, on the new RS PRO Laboratory at RS’ site in Corby, UK.


RS PRO focuses on sustainability. Through meticulous supply chain optimisation and a strong commitment to ethical sourcing, RS PRO empowers customers to actively embrace and contribute to a sustainable future. As the brand evolves and embraces cutting-edge technologies, crafting solutions for diverse industries, RS PRO steadily solidifies its position as the smart choice for its discerning customers.

Why choose RS PRO?

Distrelec, as part of RS Group, supports its own brand product range – RS PRO. RS PRO offers a broad selection of products for all industries and technologies. Whether you’re searching for precision tools, electronic components, or mechanical parts, RS PRO delivers with a passion for excellence that’s rooted in a commitment to quality.

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