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Fault Detection Using Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be used to locate and report a wide variety of developing problems across building, electrical, mechanical, utility industries and more. While the uses for thermal imaging are extremely broad, it can be confusing to know which thermal imaging camera is right for each industry and type of inspection.

Teledyne FLIR produces a wide variety of thermal imaging cameras from dedicated professional products for skilled career thermographers, such as the T-Series of cameras with interchangeable lenses, to entry-level camera attachments for smartphones providing a simple thermographic capability for all.

Before making a purchase decision, there are key considerations to take into account that include the thermal resolution, the ease of reporting, the frequency of use and the temperature ranges.

1. The FLIR ONE Pro

The FLIR One Pro is an attachment for smartphones which can be used to conduct occasional inspections for engineers and professionals. Also other types of consumers can benefit from this technology. Everyone who would like to gain thermal insights about their home, vehicle or other objects of interest can purchase this product.

Boasting 19,200 pixels, the FLIR ONE Pro has a thermal temperature range from -20°C to 400°C which means it is fully capable of basic thermal inspections of electrical connections, HVAC and refrigeration units.

Around the home the FLIR ONE Pro can be used to find the source of damp and leaks, drafts, insulation issues and more. Other uses include vehicle inspections of heated elements, bearings, radiators and similar mechanical items.

Infrequent basic thermography couldn’t be easier or more achievable than the FLIR ONE Pro which is fully compatible with FLIR IGNITE™ cloud-based back-up service.

2. FLIR C5

Dedicated thermal imaging begins with the FLIR C5, a pocket-sized camera which is perfect for occasional use by professionals or back-up use when higher performing cameras are unavailable.

Produced with a 160 x 120 Thermal Resolution and a working temperature range of -20°C to 400°C the FLIR C5 has the capability to detect mechanical, electrical, HVAC and building related irregularities with ease.

IP54 rated ensures that the rugged FLIR C5 is capable of withstanding drops from up to 2m in height.

The high-quality touchscreen allows simple span adjustment and thermal tuning for detailed investigations with MSX image enhancement for ultimate clarity.

Every electrician, plumber and HVAC engineer should have a FLIR C5 in their toolkit as a minimum to help quickly and easily diagnose issues for maximum efficiency. FLIR IGNITE™ allows direct uploading, organising, and sharing of images from your Wi-Fi connected FLIR C5.

3. FLIR TG267

The FLIR TG267 takes you beyond the limitations of single-spot IR thermometers to both see and evaluate the hot and cold spots that can indicate serious issues. With a thermal resolution of 19,200 pixels and a working temperature range of -25°C to 380°C, the FLIR TG267 provides enhanced performance and improved thermal imaging capability.

Ideal for commercial electrical, facility maintenance and HVAC applications, this advanced thermal camera with a brilliant 2.4 inch screen reduces diagnostic time while simplifying repair and maintenance reporting.

Patented FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement improves image clarity by embossing visual scene details on full thermal images, providing added context to help you accurately target potential faults and troubleshoot repairs.

Record images to monitor maintenance history and reassure your customer that problems have been resolved.


The FLIR E6-XT is a high-performing camera within the FLIR Ex-XT series of products which is the perfect tool for regularly diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems, thanks to its 43,200 (240 × 180) pixel infrared detector and expanded, -20°C to 550°C temperature range.

Lightweight, simple and easy to use, the pistol-grip FLIR E6-XT has three different colour palettes which help thermally tune images for maximum image clarity.

FLIR MSX® image enhancement provides extraordinary thermal imaging detail, while the built-in Wi-Fi allows users to quickly connect with the FLIR Tools® Mobile app for sharing images and sending reports easily from any location.

The Ex-XT range of cameras are reliable, rugged and dependable, tested to withstand drops from 2m in height, certified to IP54 standards.

5. FLIR E54

The FLIR E54 offers the resolution and sensitivity you need for basic condition monitoring, electrical/mechanical inspection, and building inspection.

The 320 ×240 pixel thermal detector accurately measures temperatures up to 650°C and produces crisp, vibrant imagery that can be enhanced with patented FLIR MSX® technology for added detail and perspective.

The onboard FLIR Inspection Route runs pre-planned routes to help you stay organized when surveying large or multiple locations.

FLIR Ignite provides automatic uploading of E54 images directly from the camera to the cloud for easy, secure storage and sharing.

Fully compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio Reporting software the FLIR Exx-Series of cameras are designed for professionals with reporting in mind. Photo and short-video capture is enhanced by thermal information to provide detailed inspection reports which form the basis of effective condition monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Choosing the Right Infrared Camera

It is important to understand the thermal patterns you may inspect when planning an inspection. Also, it is crucial to match the thermal resolution, colour palette and thermal tuning available to your specific requirements.

Low-contrast targets such as buildings suffering from damp often require high-contrast colour palettes with medium thermal resolution cameras, such as the FLIR E6-XT and FLIR E54 cameras that are ideal for this type of inspection.

Simple electrical investigations are possible with lower thermal resolutions found in the FLIR TG267 and FLIR C5. However, complicated and busy electrical cabinets may require higher thermal resolutions to clearly identify where faults originate. The FLIR E6-XT and FLIR E54 can help with this.

Basic investigations which simply require an indication of where a fault originates from can easily be accomplished by the FLIR ONE Pro or FLIR C5. With careful operation combined with MSX image enhancement these cameras are able to provide increased clarity and more detailed thermal images.

Condition monitoring professionals and dedicated thermographers will typically use high thermal resolutions as found in cameras, including the E76, E86, E96 and Txxx-series of Cameras. For more information on these types of products, please contact FLIR directly to discuss your specific requirements and potentially arrange a demonstration.

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