7 signs to keep your workplace safe with Brady

Ensuring stringent hygiene practices and maintaining social distancing are part of the “new normal” of our everyday lives. To reflect this, our work environments need to promote, encourage and provide guidance to ensure the health and safety of all employees. With Brady signs, employers can ensure that information and guidance is provided throughout the workplace.

To do this effectively, employers should identify common areas within the workplace where employees congregate or visit throughout the day and where the potential to spread the Coronavirus may be higher. These may include:

  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Showers and changing facilities
  • Lifts
  • Canteens
  • Reception areas
  • Narrow corridors
  • Staircases
  • Doorways

So, what signs should you have in the workplace and where should they be used?

Informational signs

1. The Covid-19 Reception sign

This sign offers general information to keep employees safe from Covid-19 by encouraging good hygiene practices, forbidding those with symptoms from entering and by reminding workers of guidance in this area.

It is ideal for use in reception areas as it provides advice prior to entering the workplace and in an area where employees may have the chance to stop and read the guidance. However, this sign can also be included as a useful reminder in other areas such as alternative entrances and throughout the workplace.

2. Hand washing instructions

This detailed hand washing sign helps to promote effective hygiene practices in a clear and accessible way. Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens and areas with cleaning facilities, this sign acts as a useful reminder about how to wash your hands correctly.

3. Hand sanitisation signage 

This anti-slip floor sign encourages workers to sanitise their hands. We are familiar with seeing this type of signage in hospitals where hand sanitisation is commonplace. However, by using this sign in work environments such as in an office or a warehouse it can be a helpful reminder to employees that hand sanitisation facilities are now available in these areas.

Brady’s informational signs are available in a number of different languages so that businesses located in multiple regions across Europe can purchase these signs and share the guidance in the appropriate local language. This enables employers to ensure that all of their workers fully understand the relevant guidance to keep themselves as safe as possible.

Floor signs

4. Directional floor signs

Floor signs are available for a number of different directions, providing guidance where necessary to indicate traffic direction and to reduce congestion. This is particularly useful in work environments where traffic flow and restrictions have been newly implemented and so may not be second nature to employees yet. These are ideal in corridors, throughout an office or around a busy warehouse.

They are also an asset in work environments where visitors who are unfamiliar with the building layout may attend. A prime example of this is in hospitals where directional guidance assists not only nurses and doctors working in a hospital but patients and visitors attending too.

The diagram above illustrates the signage that a hospital should use, with directional signs being particularly important to ensure that corridors are not congested and that traffic flows in one direction.

5. Floor marking shapes

Floor marking shape signs are useful to indicate to employees where they should stand to ensure appropriate social distancing from colleagues. These signs can be used in areas where several members of staff may congregate such as; in bathrooms, kitchens and break out areas.

In manufacturing environments and warehouses where employees are often on the move it may be particularly difficult to remember to maintain the correct social distancing at all times. With the aid of floor marking signage, workers can be confident that they are complying with safety guidance and that they are standing a safe distance away from others.

6. Floor marking tape

ToughStripe floor marking tapes can be used to mark aisles, passageways, storage locations and safety exits around the workplace. They are available in a number of different colours to attract the attention of workers. In warehouses and manufacturing environments, such signage may already be commonplace but now is a good time to update any ineffective markings and to use tapes in colours that can easily be differentiated from other signage around the workplace.

7. 3D floor signs

In addition to the floor signage explored above, Brady also offer innovative 3D versions that are even more eye-catching than the 2D equivalent. Whilst traditional signage is hugely popular, Brady go a step further with an even more effective range of 3D signs that are unique and exclusive to the brand. By using attention-grabbing signs such as these, employers can be confident that their employees have noticed this signage and are adhering to social distancing guidelines more effectively. Easy and quick to apply, 3D floor signs can be used on both hard and soft floor surfaces around the workplace and can be moved and re-applied as required.

3D signage can be used in any work environment to act as an important reminder of relevant health and safety guidelines. However, as 3D signs create an even greater impact, they may be particularly useful in higher risk areas where greater congestion may occur.

Whether you’re looking for general signage, signs to promote social distancing or signs to encourage more effective hygiene practices, Brady offers an extensive range of signs to help employees stay safe during Covid-19. These signs are recommended for use in a number of locations around the workplace including in reception areas, in hallways, in stairwells and in bathrooms. They can also be used in a variety of work environments such as offices, laboratories and warehouses amongst others. Although a simple addition to the workplace, signage is very effective at attracting the attention of employees and promoting health and safety at all times. This is essential in the workplace both during a pandemic and beyond.

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