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When working away from the workbench, in the field or at a remote location, you’ll likely need to use an external power supply to solder a component or wire if something doesn’t go to plan. 

However, with Weller’s ‘Solder on the Go’ range you can solder wherever you go and wherever you are. For solving delicate soldering tasks, Weller’s portable soldering solutions offer the best options for precision and portability, without needing an external power supply.

Who is Weller?

Weller is a global company with headquarters in Germany, which provides best in-class hand soldering tools. The firm was founded in 1945 and in the almost 80 years since, it has developed itself into an industry leading provider of hand-soldering tools and accessories.

For anything you need for your workbench, from soldering and rework stations to high-quality precision tools, you’ll find the best-quality choices at Weller. And its mobile range is no different to that. In this article, we’ll introduce Weller’s portable soldering solutions and outline why they’re such a useful and effective addition to the workbench.

The WSM 1C 

The WSM 1C is a soldering station designed specifically for those that require a small, lightweight, and mobile soldering machine for business purposes. The station can be conveniently used outside laboratories or production lines, directly where the work is being done. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The WSM 1C in action.

Service technicians on the go will find the WSM 1C to be the perfect tool because it offers up to an hour of soldering time and recharges in 20 minutes. A comprehensive temperature control is a useful feature of the WSM 1C. In the field, it can be recharged using a car adaptor. The newest digital control powers the ergonomic mini soldering iron with an integrated heating source. The RTM Micro soldering tips heat up extremely quickly, in just 5 seconds.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Portable soldering station – solder in the field with a lightweight soldering station independent of external power supplies, for professional use in remote locations.
  • Up to one hour on one charge – solder up to an hour with a fully charged battery. 
  • Five minutes charging for 15 minutes soldering – fully recharged battery in 20 minutes for up to one hour soldering time. 
  • Extremely fast heat-up time – be ready to solder within five seconds; Fastest heat-up and recovery time with sensors close to the soldering tip for excellent heat transfer. No downtime, continuing workflow, excellent results.
  • Patented tip & grip design – only soldering tip on the market which can be changed without a tool. Perfectly suitable for work in the field.
  • Broad range of RT Micro soldering tips – versatile performance with Weller active RT Micro (RTM) soldering tips range for soldering of micro and standard components covering the widest range of soldering applications. 
  • ESD-safe – especially designed for soldering in electrostatic exposed areas, and everywhere an ESD-safe assembly is required.
  • Intuitive Touch display – all soldering functionalities at hand with intuitive touch display.
The WSM 1C product image.

The Pyropen Piezo

The Weller Pyropen Piezo Butane gas soldering iron is a portable and versatile tool that features self-igniting and hot blow functions. Its rapid heat-up time and efficient use of Butane gas, which lasts up to three hours per filling, make it the perfect option for mobile soldering tasks. In addition to that, the portable element of the soldering tool eliminates the need for an external power source and cumbersome cable, which allows for greater mobility in tricky areas. The Pyropen Piezo has an adjustable temperature range between 350° and 500° for soldering and up to 650° for hot air blowing. The piezo igniter allows the tool to be turned on without requiring any extra tools. 

The Pyropen Piezo being used in the field.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-Igniting Piezo function – convenient one hand start with self-igniting push button piezo ignition, without the need of another tool.
  • Ready to use within seconds – rapid heat up time, no long waiting for heating up the iron.
  • Extra long operation time – Butane gas soldering iron works approximately three hours with one filling of Weller Butane gas.
  • Solder on the go, even outdoors – complete your soldering task anywhere, without the need for a mains supply or an obstructing cable in the way.
  • High versatility with included accessories- with additional hot air blower function for shrinking hoses.
  • Temperature adjustable from 300°to 650°C – variable adjustable temperatures can be set between 350°and 500°C when used as a soldering iron, and 650°C when used as a hot air blower.
  • Easy refill with Weller Butane gas – no need for cords, batteries or cartridges, easy refill with Weller butane gas in just a few seconds for an almost uninterrupted workflow.
The Pyropen Piezo product image.

Weller also offers a standard Pyropen with manual ignition instead of the Piezo ignition. In contrast to the Piezo version, the Pyropen has an adjustable temperature range between 300°C to 1300°C. For soldering the temperature can be adjusted from 300°C to 500°C,up to 650°C for hot air blowing, and up to 1300°C when used as a blow torch. It’s available from the Distrelec webshop and you can see it below.

The Pyropen product image.

The Pyropen Junior 

Also available from the Distrelec webshop is the Pyropen Junior. Like the Pyropen, it features a manual ignition, but is used for lower temperature soldering. The adjustable temperature range is between 250°C and 450°C when used as a soldering iron, and 430°C when used as a hot air blower.

The Pyropen Junior being used in the field on a remote-controlled car.
The Pyropen Junior product image.

Weller Gas Refill Bottle

Specifically designed for the Weller Pyropen, the 75ml Weller Gas Refill Bottle is the perfect companion to the soldering tool. A full refill of the Pyropen is 28ml, which lasts for around three hours of soldering. This refill bottle will give almost three refills. High quality, extremely pure Butane gas for the highest quality soldering results. Ideal for use in the home, hobby and profession.

The Pyropen Gas Refill Bottle for the Pyropen.
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