5 Reasons to Buy Weller’s Active Soldering Tips

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Who is Weller?

Weller is a world-renowned global company which provides best in-class hand-soldering tools. In 1941 a transformer-based instant heating soldering method was developed by Carl E. Weller, and thus the Weller Manufacturing Company was born out of this invention four years down the line in 1945. In the years since, Weller has established itself as the industry leader for developing and manufacturing hand-soldering products globally. 

An example of the quality products produced by Weller is the WXsmart Active RT Tips range. The soldering tips have plenty of features, and come in three different sizes to suit whatever size component you’re working on. The three sizes for the tips are Pico, Micro and Ultra. Read on to find out more about what you can do with Weller’s WXsmart Active RT Tips!

Soldering Tip sizes


The newest active WXsmart Active RT Pico Soldering Tips provide pinpoint accuracy and maximum precision for micro-soldering applications, even with the tiniest micro components, ranging in size from 0402 to 01005 that are hardly visible to the naked eye. The soldering tip’s close proximity to the handle enables incredibly precise work and maximum control. This will lessen the amount of costly rejects while preventing harm to the highly sensitive micro components. Suitable for extra small to small components. 

An image showing the difference in size between a grain of rice and chip component 01005.
Source: Weller


  • Aerospace (MS versions)
  • Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Medical devices
  • Military (MS versions)
  • Automotive


New tip sizes and geometries have been added to the reliable WXsmart Micro Active RT soldering tip family, providing an even wider range of applications as well as incredibly quick heat-up and recovery times. Suitable for medium to large components.


  • Aerospace (MS versions)
  • Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Medical devices
  • Military (MS versions)
  • Automotive


The revolutionary thermal core heating element found in the new WXsmart Ultra Active RT Ultra Tips allows them to fulfil the highest energy demands for tough soldering applications. As a result, at the soldered surface’s contact point, an individually required energy supply and consistent temperature can be provided. Suitable for large to extra large components. 


  • LED soldering
  • Solar technology
  • Electronic components
  • Multi-layer boards
  • Large heat sinks
  • Hyper frequency PCB with a big dissipater

Why purchase Weller’s Active Soldering Tips?

  1. Maximum Precision

The tips’ boomerang handle design enables precise handling as well as providing an ergonomic and secure grip. The patented tip to grip design ensures a quick, hassle-free and safe process of changing the tips, eliminating any need for an extra tool. 

Pico, Micro and Ultra sized tips also cover a wide range of soldering application sizes, so whatever job is next, a Weller Active Smart Tip is the perfect option. 

  1. Compatible with WXsmart Station

With WXsmart Station you can run any RT tip from the same station. This meets all soldering operating needs such as motion sensing and traceability, with digital data storage in the tip and in the station. 

  1. Low cost-in-use

In order to achieve the best results and to keep operating costs at a minimum, Weller’s RT range of tips ensure optimal protection to the printed circuit board and to the component that’s being soldered.

  1. Digital tool

The tips are motion activated for simplified data storage, helping to gain more insights into usage. They also incorporate an integral sensor deep inside the tip for maximum performance and rapid recovery times, in addition to boosting productivity and providing consistent results. 

  1. Extremely fast heat-up time

To heat up from 50°C to 350°C it takes each tip: 

Pico – 3 seconds.

Micro – 5 Seconds.

Ultra – 7 seconds.

The impressive heat-up times allow the user to get on with the job quicker, making the process of reaching a higher desired temperature more seamless. 

An image showing a summary of features of Weller's Active RT Soldering Tips.
Source: Weller

Why not add the WXsmart Station to your workbench too?

The perfect addition to the WXsmart Active RT Soldering Tips on your workbench is the WXsmart Station. The WXsmart Station helps you to manage the complete soldering process, from tip to station with ease, compatible with all WXsmart Active RT Tips. The hand soldering station allows for excellent connectivity and high quality traceability thanks to its patented Total Process Control (TPC). It’s also the first hand soldering station to come with cyber security, avoiding costly downtime for the user. 

All-in-one soldering station

The first hand soldering station to offer complete integration of all interfaces, maximum connection, and no additional hardware expenditures.

Full traceability of soldering process

The WXsmart platform offers comprehensive transparency, thorough process documentation, and high process control whilst tracking the hand soldering process. This significantly lowers soldering manufacturing failure, resulting in higher-quality output.

WXsmart Soldering Station
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