Kontakt Chemie: A Reliable and Effective Solution from CRC

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What is Kontakt Chemie?

Kontakt Chemie has been the leading manufacturer of technical sprays for the electronics industry for over 60 years. The company introduced ‘Kontakt 60’ to the German market back in 1960 and since then has been regarded as a provider of reliable and effective solutions for many applications. 

In 1984, Kontakt Chemie was bought by CRC, a global leader in manufacturing technical aerosols. As a result, the Kontakt Chemie range benefited from increased in-house research and development resources as well as higher manufacturing capacity. Kontakt Chemie products promise high quality, reliability and long-lasting protection.

Why Kontakt Chemie?

Electronics are used in a variety of industries and as the world becomes even more digitally-focused, the demand for electronics continues to grow – and they need to be fully functioning. Kontakt Chemie meets the needs of its customers in every criteria, such as: 

  • Maintenance and quality assurance – Kontakt Chemie offers a wide range of products which are specifically designed for the care of electric and electrical equipment and to guarantee their long-term faultless operation. 
  • Reliable and long-lasting protection – Moisture is the enemy of all electrical contacts. High quality products from Kontakt Chemie protect against corrosion and keep the electronics operating even when the environment is not what it should be. 
  • Technical cleaning – Kontakt Chemie sprays quickly re-establish connections whether the disruptions are caused by corrosion or heavily solid printed circuit boards/components. 
  • Special uses – Kontakt Chemie sprays guarantee an effective protection with a high dielectric strength, meaning the maximum electrical field it can withstand without experiencing failure. This keeps all components, printed circuits, metals etc. clean, reliable and safe. 
  • High quality – Many years of experience has given Kontakt Chemie the tools and knowledge to deliver the best working product solutions for its customers. 

Kontakt Chemie: Products You Can Trust

The company is a market leader in regulatory compliance, meaning the company makes sure its products are safe to use and safe for the environment. Here’s how Kontakt Chemie ensures quality and safety: 

Unique Formula Identifier Code

The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) is a code which is legally required on the label of all products that contain a hazardous substance. The UFI code is used by poison centres in the event of an emergency call. Kontakt Chemie will be one of the first manufacturers in the market to achieve full UFI registration. 

International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) Certificate

Kontakt Chemie products undergo stringent quality control checks at all stages of the production process. Both production facilities in Zele and Bridgwater have the latest ISO certification. 

UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Mark 

The UKCA mark is certification in the UK that ensures products conform to the requirements of aerosols sold within Great Britain.

Kontakt WL Contact Cleaner Spray 200ml

Kontakt WL is a universal cleaner for all electronics. It’s a solvent mixture, free from CFCs and HCFCs with five active components to clean an array of dirt. It has a broad application spectrum and a high material compatibility. The spray dries within minutes without leaving any residue, and dissolves reliably fatty and oily pollutants as well as water-soluble crystalline remains. Check out some ideal applications below: 


  • Contact surfaces of plugs, potentiometers or relays.
  • Printed circuit boards, electrical components.
  • Fine mechanical gears and engines.
  • Housing and fittings.
  • Switch boxes and tools.

It also removes ballpoint and felt pen marks or resinified polymer residues on stored equipment. It is also optimally suited for the removal of residues after the application of Kontakt 60. 

Kontakt Tuner 600 Electronics Cleaner Spray 200ml 

Tuner 600 is a quick-drying precision cleaner for high quality consumer electronics. It was specially developed to clean sensitive contacts and is particularly effective for use on rubber, graphite conductors and high frequency components, thanks to its gentle cleaning power. It dries in seconds and leaves behind no residue. Check out some ideal applications for the cleaner below: 

  • Consumer electronics.
  • TV and telecommunication technology.
  • Dusty, oily and greasy residues from potentiometers and linear regulators, sensors or graphite conductor layers of IR remotes.

Kontakt 50 Label Remover 200ml

Kontakt 50 is a solvent mixture based on natural terpenes, free from CFCs and HCFCs. It penetrates the label paper and dissolves the underlying adhesives for easy label removal. In fact, most labels can be removed in just two minutes without damaging the underlying surface. The action time however is 15 minutes, so in case of mass production a multitude of labels can be sprayed and the solvent evaporates after some time without leaving a trace. It can also remove natural greases, raisins and fingerprints. Ideal applications include:

  • Office equipment.
  • Address and production stickers.
  • Identification labels on shelves, drawers or containers.
  • Labels on spare tools and parts.
  • Price labels.
  • Laboratory labels. 

In essence, Kontakt 50 is very effective at dissolving many sticky substances, meaning it’s a great solution for removing tree resin, chewing gum and tar. 

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