Würth Elektronik’s M12 Connectors: Be Connected. No Matter the Conditions

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In today’s dynamic technological landscape, connectivity is the backbone holding together our sophisticated systems. Like circular connectors – the unsung heroes engineered for demanding environments. Designed to thrive amidst challenges, these connectors offer more than just a reliable link; they provide a resilient solution for various applications like fieldbus, actuators/sensors, and robotics.

In order to understand the potential of these high-quality M12 connectors from Würth Elektronik, let us dive into how they empower your systems with resilience and adaptability, forging the path towards seamless connectivity in even the most challenging settings.

What is a Circular Connector?

In electrical and electronic engineering and various applications and sectors, circular connectors are used to connect devices or components via electrical, data, or signal connections. Circular connectors are made to survive harsh conditions and transfer data with consistency.

Advantages of circular connectors:

  • Robustness and durability – in tough applications like industrial automation, circular connectors endure hard use and guarantee dependable connections.
  • Secure and stable connections – they provide safe connections for data, signal and power, lowering the possibility of data loss or signal interruptions as well as inadvertent disconnections.
  • Versatility – circular connectors are available at Würth Elektronik in the size of M12 with various configurations, lengths and voltage ratings to suit a broad range of uses, such as data transfer, power transmission and signal transmission.
  • Ease of installation – they minimise downtime because they are simple to install and maintain, especially in manufacturing.
  • Resistance to EMI/RFI – signal integrity is critical for circular connections, which are frequently equipped with shielding and grounding elements.
  • Standardisation – industry standards ease component integration and guarantee compatibility in complicated systems.
  • Wide application range – because of their versatility and dependability, they are used in a wide range of industries, including industrial automation, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and medical.
  • Enhanced safety – safety measures that minimise the chance of mismatches, accidents, and equipment damage include keying and coding.

M12 Robust Circular Connectors

The M12 circular connectors from Würth Elektronik are designed for demanding settings. Because of their superior ingress protection, these connectors provide reliable connections in challenging applications such as robotics, actuators/sensors, and fieldbus. They are strong, mechanically and environmentally suitable parts for outdoor and industrial use. According to the OSI (Open System Interconnection) reference model, they are used in several Fieldbus protocols as an electrical and mechanical link between end devices as a component of the physical layer.

M12 connectors come with many alternatives, such as variations for PCBs, cables, and solder, in addition to additional service options. Their flexibility allows you to tailor your connections according to your requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance and smooth integration. 


  • New M12 A-coding portfolio 
  • Adapted to work in demanding environments with IP67 & IP68 protection
  • Male & female versions of all connectors 
  • Available in 4, 5 and 8 polarities

Why to Choose M12 Connectors?

M12 connectors are unique due to their circular shape, threaded coupling, compact size, versatility, robustness, and widespread adoption in industries with demanding connectivity requirements. These features make them a preferred choice in various applications where reliable and secure connections are essential. Choose the M12 connectors from Würth Elektronik for your next project and ensure high quality and reliability.

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