Your 5-point data security checklist

Leif Wartacz General Manager of Northern Europe at Elfa Distrelec

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Applied Sciences (B.A.Sc.) and over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Leif Wartacz is now considered a trusted advisor amongst his peers. In his current role with Elfa Distrelec, Leif actively encourages his network to embrace future technologies and provides the knowledge and resources they require for innovation within their projects.

Today’s society is more connected than ever. With the many opportunities afforded by the IoT, 5G and other technological advances, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the basics – cybersecurity.

With these handy tips up your sleeve, you’ll be able to minimise cybersecurity threats. Adopting them as best practice ensures you are always one step ahead of hackers and bots. At Distrelec we have all the products and resources you need to stay secure.

5G – a new generation of cybersecurity threats?

The age of 5G is approaching. But with the new network still in its infancy, many big decisions that will affect just how secure it’s going to be have yet to be made. Discover what the security risks threatening the 5G network are and why security is so important as the 5G service is adopted internationally.

Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit

Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit is specially designed to support rapid prototyping and to enable developers to experience Azure Sphere technology.

Moxa Secure Serial Server

Simple solution to securely connect serial devices to a network

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