Which Plugs and Sockets are Used in Which Country?

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Invaluable to modern society, plugs and sockets are essential in providing the electricity that we need in our everyday lives. Historically, as the use of electricity became more and more commonplace, manufacturers developed plugs and sockets in every country. However, at that time, the creation of an infrastructure that was universal and offered international compatibility was not a priority as travel was less prevalent and devices were not particularly portable.

As a result, a number of different plug and socket types are available around the world. This is inconvenient and costly as devices and equipment are manufactured with plugs that may be suitable in one country but incompatible with sockets in another. However, understanding the key features of each plug and socket and where they can be used is important for manufacturers to ensure that products are safe and compatible with the intended region.

15 Different Types of Plugs and Sockets Around the World

Ensuring safety and compatibility with RND

The RND range offers a variety of cables with safe and compatible plugs for use in regions across the world. Ensuring compliance and safety should be a key concern for any user and with RND, you can be confident that any plugs purchased will be safe and compatible with the relevant socket.

Recommended products

RND Plug-in Power Supply, Euro Type C

  • 1.8m cable.
  • 24V output.
  • 240V input max.
  • Can be used in Europe, South America and Asia.

RND Power Supply, USB, Euro Type C

  • 12V, 5V, 9V output.
  • 264 input max.
  • USB A and C sockets.
  • Can be used in Europe, South America and Asia.
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