Rugged waterproof cooling fans for EV Chargers

The market for hybrids and EV’s went over 2 million vehicles in 2019 and the proportion of EV’s sold in Europe is set to increase towards 42 % share of new vehicles by 2030. It is driven (excuse the pun) by the combination of carrots in the form of new EV subsidies, sticks, from more punitive tax regimes for polluting cars and a desire for drivers to do what they can to save the planet.

This technology revolution will require a massive investment in charging infrastructure from both governments and private companies to provide EV chargers on the street, in car-parks, outside the home and in today’s fuel station network.

EV chargers generate heat and may need to be cooled with fans, but they are often placed in outdoor areas open to the elements. So how can EV charger manufacturers provide the reliable thermal management systems needed for their equipment and ensure it can operate in unattended outdoor areas? 

Normally, manufacturers rely on sealing enclosure to keep the weather out, but the heat generated must be dissipated by drawing in cool outside air passing it over the hot equipment and then expelling it – so this is not an easy option.

Sanyo Denki, has solved these problems of moisture ingress with its Endurance Cooling Fans that offer a’ fit and forget’ thermal management solution for outdoor equipment cooling.

The 9WP range of fans have fully sealed fan motors and cable outlets to give them IP68 protection which makes them water proof and submersion proof to 1 metre, they each have dual ball bearings fans that give them a typical life-time of 40,000 hours at 60 degrees C. There are waterproof axial fans from 60mm to 120mm and also compact 97mm blower fans.

For those who want a ‘belt and braces’ approach the 9WL series offer both IP68 and a special long life construction that gives them 180,000 life that’s over 20 years of 24/7 continuous operation.

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