5 key benefits of a Weller Erem tool

Weller Erem precision tools are ideal for maintenance technicians who require superior precision and highest quality in order to maximise efficiency. With an extensive range of hand-crafted, Swiss made tweezers and cutting pliers, Weller Erem offers hand tools that are enhanced with innovative features to suit your needs. The cutting edge technology exclusive to this brand include heat, water and radiation-resistant Pyroplast-coated tweezers and wire cutters with Erem Magic Spring to guarantee 1 million cutting actions.

Weller Erem Precision Side-Cutting Pliers 115 mm

Super full flush precision side-cutting pliers from Weller Erem, weighing 67g and ESD safe. Benefitting from invisible patented Erem Magic Spring guaranteeing 1 million cutting actions, induction hardened cutting edges and a large variety of head shapes.

Weller Erem Precision Tweezers Stainless Steel Fine/Very Sharp 110mm

Weller Erem’s highly precise 110 mm length tweezers feature a very sharp, fine tip. Offering heat stability up to 600°C, these stainless steel tweezers are non-magnetic, rust-proof and acid-proof.

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