Eye protection

Protecting the eyes is a very important part of workplace safety. The eye is a complex and sensitive organ that can be damaged in a number of ways.

When selecting personal protective equipment to protect the eyes, products conforming to the standard EN 166 should be chosen. This standard requires that eye protection is manufactured to provide the following specific points of protection:

  • UV protection by defining level of UV filtration
  • The clarity of vision the protection provides – for example, does a protective lens distort images?
  • Mechanical strength and impact protection
  • Protection from electrical shock through an arc
  • Resistance to molten metal and penetration by hot parts
  • Resistance to surface damage of the protective product – for example, surface abrasion
  • Resistance to fogging
  • The reflective properties of the lens

All these properties are explained within the instructions to the user and can be used to identify the correct type of protective equipment.


Safety glasses, antiscratch/antifog

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