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Renald Lelimouzin Senior Sales Engineer EMEA

Since 2019 Renald has been working as a Senior Sales Engineer at NetAlly for the EMEA regions. He is responsible for technical presentations, webinars, videos and updates of the company’s knowledge base articles and provides onsite demos or POC for specific large organizations’ complex networking environments. He has more than 18 years of experience in IT Networking, Wi-Fi, Security and Network Management for Fluke Networks, NETSCOUT and Cisco.

The EtherScope nXG and LinKrunner 10G Discovery application creates an inventory of the devices on your networks along with their attributes: device types, names, addresses, interfaces, VLANs, resources, and other connected or associated devices.

The app allows you to identify and analyze network devices and acts as a jumping off point for further analysis using other apps, such as Wi-Fi, Path Analysis and connection tests. Devices are discovered in the local broadcast domains where the EtherScope / LR10G is physically connected, as well as other configured subnets.

This Discovery test will bring you a Topology map that will be saved and accessible via or free Cloud Service Link-Live. you can use the new feature Discovery-Diff that will show you the topology map of your network comparing two Discovery over time and will indicate what is missing and what as been added to it so that you can keep track and be aware of any alarm.

For the machinery park that uses both wireless and wired connection in your network the Etherscope nXG200 Discovery App and Wireless troubleshooting APP’s will be the perfect tool to use since it also as a Wi-Fi radio 802.11ac that will provide you all the wifi technology App’s to troubleshoot any issues, while the LR10G is limited to wired Discovery.

Maintaining your machinery park will become an easy task for any technician or engineer responsible for the site.

Both the Etherscope nXG 200 and the LinKrunner 10G have a Packet capture App that recorded network traffic in the form of packets as data streams back and forth over Wi-Fi or wired connections.

Packet captures can help you analyse network problems, debug client/server communications, track applications and content, ensure that users are adhering to administration policies, and verify network security:

  • Data Start: Time to receive the first frame of HTML from the web server
  • Data Transfer: Time to receive the data from the target server
  • Data Bytes: Total number of data bytes transferred. This does not include header bytes
  • Rate (bps): The measured data transfer rate

Note : that these devices are not able to transfer data’s (Network packets) over TCP from each other it is a traffic network traffic analysis on packets and Hops giving the health of your network by separating a chunks.

EtherScopeÂź nXG Portable Network Expert

LinkRunner 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester

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