Teledyne LeCroy: The Future is 12-bit Oscilloscopes

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Oscilloscopes have evolved over the years from analogue to digital. Now, the industry is moving to 12-bit high-definition technology. Why?

High-definition oscilloscopes now offer customers more accurate and detailed analysis for design verification. We will discuss the main features and advantages of 12-bit technology in oscilloscope design.

What is a 12-bit oscilloscope and what are the advantages of choosing one over existing 8-bit solutions?

A 12-bit high-definition oscilloscope is determined by the number of bits in the ADC (analog-to-digital converter) of the oscilloscope. This determines the resolution of the oscilloscope. Higher resolution in an oscilloscope means that it can display finer signal definition and, as a result, can make more accurate measurements. Today’s 12-bit oscilloscopes with high-resolution ADCs are the next generation of oscilloscope technology and offer users 16 times the resolution of traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes.

How does 12-bit high-definition technology work?

Oscilloscopes with HD technology have higher resolution than conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes (4096 vs. 256 vertical levels) and low noise for uncompromised measurement performance. The 12-bit ADCs support capture accuracy and precision and ensure maximum measurement accuracy and precision. High-performance input amplifiers provide pristine signal fidelity with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The low-noise system architecture provides an ideal signal path to ensure that signal details are accurately delivered at 16 times closer to perfection.

Why should engineers consider 12-bit oscilloscope technology when buying their next oscilloscope?

When engineers purchase a new oscilloscope, they typically expect it to be the centrepiece of their benchtop for three to five years. Therefore, it is vitally important that they choose the most modern and capable solution so as not to compromise their future design verification needs. The 12-bit high-definition oscilloscope technology provides engineers with 16 times more resolution, which in turn provides more signal detail. This is especially useful for wide dynamic range signals where a full-scale signal must be acquired while at the same time analysing very small amplitude signal detail. The 12-bit acquisitions combined with the oscilloscope’s vertical and horizontal zoom can be used to gain unprecedented insight into system behaviours and system problems.

Experience the accuracy, detail and precision of 12-bit. Users will never use an 8-bit oscilloscope again. Whether the application is general-purpose design and debugging, high-precision analogue, power electronics, automotive electronics, mechatronics or other specialised applications, 12-bit technology provides unsurpassed confidence and measurement capabilities.

Teledyne LeCroy, a world leader in Oscilloscope technology and the pioneer of 12-bit high-definition oscilloscopes, offers 12-bit solutions at the cost of an everyday 8-bit oscilloscope. Distrelec offers its market leading WaveSurfer 4000HD and HDO4000A Oscilloscopes in its portfolio. Currently, the WaveSurfer 4000HD has a fully loaded promotional campaign running where all models in the range come with all analysis and debug software free of charge and at amazingly low selling prices.

Therefore, now is the time to explore the world of 12-bit oscilloscope analysis superiority. We are convinced you will never look back. 

Teledyne LeCroy Wavesurfer 4104HD Oscilloscope

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