How to set up your own home lab with RND

Gemma Squire Own Brand Manager RND

Gemma and team are dedicated to sourcing high-quality, compliant and cost-efficient tools and components for engineers and technicians in maintenance, repair and operations. Passionate about product, she has extensive experience as a Product Manager identifying the best lines and the best deal for our own brand range, RND.

How to set up your own home lab with RND

Want to create, design and prototype your projects from the comfort of your own home? With this handy video, you can set up your own home lab. Setting aside a space to focus on your projects will spark inspiration, and propel innovation.

You can further enhance your work space with suitable power supplies, effective lighting and good quality components. The RND range offers fully compliant equipment at competitive prices to create an efficient and safe home lab. Whilst each project may require different tools, some generally recommended products are listed here:

Bench Top Power Supply

With finely adjustable current and voltage settings, this programmable bench top power supply offers fast response times of 100ms, output voltage of 30V and output power of 150W.

Soldering Bundle

This bundle includes a solder fume extractor, active coal filter, soldering station and antistatic wrist strap with soldering temperatures between 100°C and 500°C.

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