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Weller is a global company with headquarters in Germany that provides best in-class hand soldering tools. The firm was founded in 1945 and in the almost 80 years since, it has developed itself into an industry leading provider of hand-soldering tools and accessories.

For anything you need for your workbench, from soldering and rework stations to high-quality precision tools, you’ll find the best-quality choices at Weller. In this article, we’ll introduce a wide range of Weller’s sophisticated soldering solutions from all-in-one kits to all the useful accessories. Read on to discover some of Weller’s most popular hand-soldering tools and accessories.

WXsmart Sets

The All-In-One WXsmart Soldering Platform

The all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform offers maximum traceability and connectivity. As the most connected, controlled and secured hand soldering solution in the world, WXsmart is connecting the future of soldering. Explore some of the benefits below: 

  • Connect – Maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote control access.
  • Safe – The first system with integrated cybersecurity to avert expensive downtimes and security risks. 
  • Smart – The all-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by combining all soldering applications into one station. 
  • Control – Total Process Control (TPC) to manage your complete soldering process from tip to station.

The all-in-one WXsmart soldering platform offers full traceability with easy, quick and flexible integration into every IT environment, with or without cable. It can be connected via Wi-Fi, LAN, USB or RS232 – whatever you prefer! Using existing IoT (Internet of Things) standards, Weller can deliver data that can be integrated in your ERP system. This data is available in multiple formats, providing simplicity and flexibility. 

Download the WXsmart app on Google Play or the App Store to quickly and easily manage your soldering process for several stations from a single tablet or smartphone. This offers complete control over the soldering process and makes it simple to identify incorrect settings and failures. Check out the soldering platform’s key features below:


  • Covers all soldering applications – high precision soldering (pico), general purpose soldering, heavy duty soldering (ultra), desoldering, rework, hot air. 
  • A centralised control unit acting as the brain of the workbench, managing fume extraction, preheating plate, calibration unit, soldering bath, rework module WXair. 
  • Intelligent soldering tips with an integrated chip inside allowing features including:
    • Extremely fast heat-up time of 3 secs with excellent heat transfer & recovery time.
    • Automatic tip identification. 
    • Tip lock functionality for full process control. 
    • Integrated data storage allows full traceability of calibration history. 
  • Backwards compatibility of tips and tools for soldering, desoldering and hot-air applications, ensures the security of your all-in-one station investment. 

The WXsmart all-in-one platform is available from the Distrelec webshop in a range of sets with accessories including a safety rest, a tip holder, soldering tip cleaners, desoldering irons, the WXair Rework Module and more. Explore the range below and choose the perfect WXsmart set for your application.  

Weller Active Soldering Tips and Smart Tweezers

Weller’s active soldering tips are multifunctional and are compatible with the WXsmart soldering platform. The tips come in three sizes to accommodate whichever type of application you’re working on: Pico, Micro, and Ultra. Let’s take a look at each size. 


The Active RT Pico Soldering Tips are for the smallest components and offer optimal precision and pinpoint accuracy for micro-soldering applications, even with the smallest micro components (0402 to 01005 – hardly visible to the naked eye). The close proximity of the soldering tip to the handle allows for maximum control and extremely accurate operation. 


Weller’s Active RT Micro Soldering tips are suitable for soldering of components with small and medium-sized pads and with average power requirements. 


Larger soldering tip dimensions are required in Ultra Soldering applications because boards and components frequently have a wide contact surface. Weller’s Active RT Ultra Soldering Tips are suitable for soldering of components with large pad sizes and that have high energy demands.

For more information on Weller’s active soldering tips, check out our complete guide over on the KnowHow hub. 

WXsmart Tweezers

The cutting-edge WXsmart Tweezers are made to satisfy every soldering and desoldering demand, from heavy-duty to miniature applications, as well as traceability and connection requirements. The ergonomics of the tweezers have been optimised to facilitate smooth processes. With intelligence built into both the tips and the tool, the WXsmart Tweezers bring precise and fast performance support for all soldering tasks and are available in Micro and Ultra sizes. Weller’s smart tweezers boast incredibly fast heat-up times (around 10 seconds) and excellent reaction time.

Weller Calibration Unit (WCU)

With the WCU, the operator can auto-calibrate in less than 10 seconds, ensuring they can focus on the important soldering task with a precise temperature for optimal productivity. Take a look at some of the features of the WCU below: 

  • A high precision thermometer provides a quick response to temperature measurement. 
  • Simultaneous use of Thermocross and Thermocouple: Keep track of soldering tip and soldering bath temperatures simultaneously.
  • Integrated calibration counter.
  • Long-life sensor (up to 50 measurements).
  • Type K possible (two outputs).
  • High mobility thanks to its battery power. 
  • Documentations for audits and quality management.
  • Traceability of calibration process.
  • Real-time data.
  • Calibration via RS232.
  • Automatic tip offset.
  • ESD-safe.

Weller’s Soldering Accessories

Weller Erem Precision Tools

Created especially for electronics assembly and healthcare, Weller Erem cutters, pliers and tweezers are built to last. With state-of-the-art advanced features like Magic Spring™, High-Precision Screw Joint, and Maximum Opening Stop Technology, Weller Erem Precision Tools provide the longest durability, highest precision and best quality on the planet. Take a look at the range of Erem products on the market below: 

Weller Erem Cutters

Weller Erem offers a wide selection of precision side and tip cutters. Built with special tool steel and a unique hardening process, Weller Erem cutters guarantee highest durability and boast a range of sophisticated features:

  • Comfort, security and grip – ergonomically shaped handles provide superior comfort and fatigue-free handling with Maximum Opening Stop Technology.
  • Precision – experience precise cuts from the high-precision screw joint that enables a smooth action with no jaw overlap. 
  • Hardening grade – cutting blades are hardened to Rockwell 63-65 HRc by an induction heating process for exceptionally long service life. 
  • One million movements – Magic Spring™ design enables maximum durability with constant spring force movements.
  • ESD-safe – made from ESD-safe materials to protect sensitive components from damage. 
  • Applications include removing fine-pitch SMD IC, light engineering and dental applications. 

Weller Erem Tweezers

Weller Erem offers a wide range of precision tweezers, combining precision-manufactured, symmetrical tips with perfect balance. Some of the stand-out features include: 

  • Wide range – Weller has a wide range of tweezers made from various materials and tips for the right application. There are 81 products available on the Distrelec webshop!
  • Precision – superior symmetrically pointed tips.
  • Comfort – ergonomically-shaped handles provide superior comfort and fatigue-free handling
  • ESD-safe made from ESD-safe materials to protect sensitive components from damage. 
  • Applications include microelectronics, watch manufacturing and jewellery making. 

Weller Erem Pliers

A large variety of precision pliers, gripping and bending pliers, and stripping and shaping pliers are available from Weller Erem. Weller Erem’s pliers are the ideal tool to use for miniature and standard electronics, and are particularly handy for forming, bending, laying and feeding in wires. 

Weller ESD Mats

An ESD (electrostatic discharge) mat for soldering serves several crucial purposes, particularly in protecting electronic components from electrostatic discharge, which can damage or destroy sensitive electronic parts. The primary purpose of an ESD mat is to dissipate static electricity that can accumulate on tools and components, but it also provides a safe work surface, offers physical protection and increases efficiency. The ESD mats from Weller are the perfect addition to the workbench to ensure a safe working environment. Benefits of Weller ESD mats include: 

  • Available in a set comprising a soldering mat and antistatic grounding strap (wrist strap + 2.4 m coiled cord).
  • Large work surface – 600 x 900 mm.
  • Suitable for left & right hands – Incl. two 10 mm press stud connectors.
  • Resistant – Heat, solder, chemical and oil-resistant.
  • Durable – Permanently elastic, abrasion-resistant and comfortable.
  • Tested – RoHS-compliant.
  • Eye Safety – An anti-reflective surface gets the job done faster.

Weller Solder Wire

Solder wire acts as the essential component that enables electrical connections between parts, guaranteeing the dependability and effectiveness of electronic circuits. Weller WSW is intended to improve the calibre of all your soldering projects by boosting output and improving soldering performance. Even on challenging surfaces, WSW’s 100% continuous flux core and pure first metal melting allow for long-lasting, extremely robust solder junctions that never crack. 

Why Should You Buy Weller’s Solder Wire? 

  • Performance and productivity – optimised performance with a guaranteed and consistent 100% continuous flux core.
  • Quality solder joints – long-term, highly durable and won’t crack even on difficult surfaces. 
  • Tip wetting – fast and homogeneous wetting due to 100% continuous flux core. 
  • Reduced splash – increased direct user safety as well as workplace cleanliness. 
  • Flow and heat performance – patented alloys ensure the best results.
  • Maximum flexibility – a wide range of alloys and fluxes as well as various wire diameters. 

Weller Fume Extraction

Soldering fume extraction systems are made to eliminate the harmful fumes that are produced during the process, making the working environment safer. Inhaling soldering fumes can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory disorders. In the long run, exposure can also result in more significant health concerns like lead poisoning or occupational asthma. Fume extraction systems enhance the general quality of the air in the workplace by eliminating dangerous gases from the atmosphere.

Weller filtration systems are made specifically for continuous use in industrial settings. High-quality HEPA H13 filters ensure a safe working environment by removing dangerous vapours, particles, and viruses from the air. The clean air is then circulated back into the workplace. Want to find out more about the importance of fume extraction in soldering?

Weller offers a broad selection of soldering products for a variety of applications, check out the full range below.

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