Green Energy Solutions: Diotec Semiconductor

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Diotec Semiconductor is a company which specialises in designing and manufacturing semiconductor solutions for a variety of modern electronic applications. Its product line includes diodes, Zeners, Transient Voltage Suppressors, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs and linear voltage regulators, which are used in the industrial, automotive and consumer electronics sectors. Founded in Heitersheim, Germany in 1973, Diotec has expanded its operations to four manufacturing facilities located across three continents.

Today, we focus on its environmental-friendly solutions, as Diotec is a green producer of power semiconductors. We will present its two biggest sustainable innovations – Solar Bypass Diodes and Plasma EPOS (Etched and Protected On Slice) Technology.

Green Energy Supported by Solar Bypass Diodes

Diotec is strongly committed to promoting eco-friendly production methods for new semiconductor devices. As part of its efforts, the company installed photovoltaic (PV) panels on three buildings at its headquarters in Germany. This investment enables Diotec to harness a greater amount of green energy, which is then used in the production of wafers, chips, and devices. The company plans to equip all its facilities with PV panels.

Solar Bypass Diodes are used to address the risk of partial shading from the lower altitude of the sun and snow covering during winter. Diotec’s latest development is the SBX2540-3G Schottky-Diode. This diode is designed to protect PV modules and offers a low forward voltage drop in bypass mode and low reverse leakage in normal mode of operation. The SBX2540-3G is an ideal solar bypass diode that complements the production of new semiconductor devices.

Green Production of Power Semiconductors

Semiconductors are vital components of the green transition. Therefore, Diotec’s second green innovation, the Plasma EPOS Technology, introduced in 1996, is used in the Group’s German and Slovenian wafer and chip production. This technology is an eco-friendly process and instead of using toxic chemicals, the etching and first passivation are done using plasma under near-vacuum conditions. The Plasma EPOS Technology not only allows the omission of tons of aggressive acids, it also improves the quality of the produced parts.

The use of clean production methods is crucial for Diotec since they enhance the quality of the products the Group manufactures and support the environmental responsibility. With Diotec’s target to be 80% self-sufficient, the brand focuses on environmentally-friendly production to reduce its carbon footprint.

To find out more, go to Diotec’s know-how of semiconductor production or head straight to Distrelec’s webshop to purchase Diotec diodes.

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