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There are hundreds of types of connectors used in general vehicles across many manufacturers. There are also hundreds of connectors used in a single vehicle with that number ever increasing as the digital age moves on.

As the increasing demand for safety, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence, the application for electronics within vehicles increases, thus causing the number of automotive connectors to also show an increase.

The global automotive connectors market size was valued at USD 15.58 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% from 2018 to 2025.

Source: Grand View research


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An ever-growing population calls for more vehicles to fulfil transportation needs as well as the ever increasing demand on the supply chain network. The rise of autonomous cars and increasingly connected vehicles also means that reliable and high-performance components have never been more important in the automotive industry.

There are four basic structural components that make up most automotive connectors:

  • The contact
  • The shell
  • The insulator
  • Accessories

These four essential components enable automotive connectors to act as bridges and operate more stable and secure in the harshest of environments.

Bulgin offer a full range of IP rated sealed circular power connectors designed to provide secure, robust and watertight connections in harsh environments such as the automotive industry.

One of Bulgin’s most compact connectors within the Buccaneer range is the 400 series, which is ideal for designs requiring a small footprint such as in the Automotive industry. The range of key features available to the much larger Buccaneer family have been condensed into a compact form factor in the 400 series. This give engineers and manufacturers greater flexibility in the design and manufacturer processes whilst meeting the same specification requirements and standards.

Bulgin also provide solutions in a rectangular power connector. The standard rectangular range offers reliable, rugged solution for wire to wire applications like we see in many vehicles.

Wire to wire is the most significant connectivity type for automotive connectors, due to increasing vehicle electrification. Usage of wires and cables in automotive electronics has grown steadily over the last decade, with the introduction of new features and rise in vehicle sales.

The wire to wire connectors segment is expected grow over the forecast period 2025 with rising implementation of convenience systems such as start-stop system, power steering, and park assist.

The 400 series has a male and female option, as well as modifications such as enhanced seal retention, protective end caps, shrink boot adaptors, welded flange, terminating resistors and a Y-type connector (YTY) for industrial applications.

With a wide variety of products on offer including sealed connectors for power, signal and data, Bulgin can also produce bespoke custom solutions that combine switches, enclosures, PCB’s and cable assemblies to meet the needs of demanding automotive applications. Some of the applications in the Automotive industry are:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Illuminated Taxi Sign
  • Glove Compartment Light
  • RV Heating / Cooling Systems
  • Lorry / Truck LED Lighting
  • Quad Bike Control Panel
  • Power Diagnostics
  • Wheel Diagnostic Equipment
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Snowmobile Controls
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Vehicle Tail Lift and Controls
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Military Vehicle Datacoms
  • Pressure Washers
  • Heated Car Seats

Transport & Infrastructure

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With ambient and environmental conditions such as water, moisture and extreme temperatures posing a constant threat to transport and infrastructure applications, reliable and robust solutions are vitally important in this sector, in-particular with refrigerated vehicles and temperature sensitive cargo during transit.

From outdoor lighting and industrial meters to HVAC systems and surveillance cameras, the industry leading solutions available are built for maximum reliability and performance to support the challenging needs of various indoor, outdoor and industrial applications.

The world is constantly changing and bulgin helps to keep it moving with their innovative solutions. With more transport links and vehicles needed than ever before to meet the challenging needs of a growing population and demand, bulging solutions help future proof your investment by providing cost effective and high-performance solutions that last. As experts in manufacturing sealed electrical connectors, bulgin provides connectivity solutions to transport and infrastructure applications for years.

Particularly suited to provide power, signal and data connections in harsh environments, the reliable connector range makes sure that people and goods successfully get to their destination by land, sea or air.

Some of the application in the Transport & Infrastructure industry are:

  • Lorry / Truck LED Lighting
  • Road Management Maintenance
  • Speed Check Signage
  • Illuminated Taxi Sign
  • Transport Refrigeration
  • Noise Monitoring Terminal
  • Container Cooling Units
  • Surface Friction Test Equipment
  • Noise Monitoring Terminal
  • Traffic Light

The future of transport

Electric cars are charging in station.

As we know already the world is heading into an age of electric vehicles. It is estimated that by 2035 in Europe, there will be no further ICE cars being sold to the general public.

With the increase in the production of electric vehicles and new government regulations, the use of Vehicle Charge Ports is on the rise. These ports are usually installed in public parking spaces, private parking lots, houses and offices – but as demand and usage for electric cars increases, so too will the continued infrastructure development required for their accommodated use.

Currently, a range of charging port options include; three-pin plugs, Socketed and Tethered – offering charging times ranging from 8-10 hours, 3-4 hours and even 30-60 minutes with some Socketed or Tethered connection ports. To ensure a secure and sealed connection whilst charging, the 900 Series Buccaneer is used on charging ports providing renewable power to both hybrid and electric cars.

Now more than ever there is an increase demand for reliable, robust connectors in the transport industry. Connectors that also must meet the high safety standards and pass rigorous testing throughout its lifecycle.

It is evident that that sourcing the right connector is not just considering in the design phase of a vehicle but also throughout the entire lifecycle from manufacturing, general vehicle use in harsh environments and vehicle maintenance such as servicing.

Europe is the second largest market, driven by rising inclusion of advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) in commercial vehicles. The European Union has made the inclusion of ADAS features such as lane departure warning signal and autonomous breaking mandatory in heavy commercial vehicles.

Distrelec is delighted to offer our customer a range of Bulgin connectors specifically for this market, as they are considered one of the industry leaders through their wide range of product solutions.

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