An introduction to Mikroelektronika

Determined to exceed in designing the software and hardware tools needed to develop the future of industry, Mikroelektronika has mapped all the elements that enable engineers to continually advance. Explore their extensive range of development boards, debugger units, smart display solutions, accessories and Click boardsℱ that can be used to enhance and improve functionality by providing modules for connectivity, wired communication and various sensor capabilities.

To discover this innovative brand, watch our webinar covering the technology that will enhance your projects, enable rapid prototyping and fast proof of concept solutions.

Offering more than 900+ different types of Click boardsℱ, Mikroelektronika is constantly developing and extending their range to help maintenance engineers create a plethora of applications with different functionalities. In this way, Mikroelektronika click boards add value to other systems, allow for customisation and enable engineers to create applications with the functionality that they desire.

Product Recommendations

Fusion Development Board for ARM v8

Fusion for ARM v8 is a development board designed for rapid development of embedded applications. Redesigned from the ground up, it offers a broad set of standard, as well as several unique features never seen before in the world of embedded electronics including programming and debugging over a WiFi network and support for a large number of different ARMÂź CortexÂź-M based microcontrollers regardless of their pin number.

Mikromedia 7 CAPACITIVE Touchscreen Display

With a touchscreen TFT display and powerful graphics controller, this board is designed for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. The Mikromedia 7 offers a display size of 7” and Ethernet, SD-Card, USB and WIFI interfaces. The hosted MCU Card socket makes it possible to use microcontrollers regardless of their vendor, architecture, pin number or the specific hardware requirements.

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