Wiha Webinar: Discover the Latest Innovations in the Field of Wiha Hand Tools

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Technology is improving, and innovations can be seen in many industrial sectors. One brand that implements such innovations is Wiha. The company started as a small family business selling single screwdrivers and bits. Now they focus mostly on selling sets for electricians and electrical applications, offering waterproof and safe products for many applications.

Wiha is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, founded over 80 years ago, offering a wide range of electrical and industrial applications. 

Distrelec invited experts Tim and Mark from Wiha to give us a live demonstration of the Wiha innovative range of hand tools.

In this webinar, they go through the brand’s history in the introduction and then move quickly to specific implementations of useful tools. Wiha’s experts are showcasing plenty of solutions for a variety of applications.

Products from Wiha are designed mostly for electrical applications for electricians and e-mobility and industrial applications for cutting and mechanics. In their range, there are, among others, insulated and non-insulated torque tools, speedy electric screwdrivers, automatic stripping pliers, electrical basic toolsets and tool backpack kits for electricians, and much more!


Electric PocketMax Bitholding Screwdriver, Wiha

Magnetic PocketMax Bitholding Screwdriver, Wiha

LiftUp Bit Holding Screwdriver with Bit Magazine

Screwdriver Sets

E-Screwdriver Sets, speedE, Wiha

To find out more about this set, watch the Wiha’s tutorial below about their e-screwdrivers from the SpeedE II series.

Torque Screwdriver Set, Wiha

slimVario Bit Sets and Screwdriver, Wiha

Electric SlimFix Screwdriver Set

Tool Sets

L Electric Basic Tool Set for Electricians, Wiha

Electrician Competence XXL III Tool Set, Wiha


Stripping Pliers, Wiha

Automatic Crimping Plier Hexagon, Wiha

Automatic Crimping Plier Square, Wiha

Tool Backpack

Tool Backpack Kit

If you already gathered all of the tools necessary for your projects, last thing you need is a spacious backpack. It can fit all of the additional equipment, with its enormous amount of storage space.

If you did not find what you were looking for, visit Distrelec webshop for more: https://www.distrelec.com/global/

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