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The energy transition occurs in various industries, from heating, lighting, energy storage, and transportation to microgrids and smart grids. It is a huge potential for building owners and the real estate sector.

To get the most out of your energy system, the buildings as a grid architecture integrate power generation, energy storage, and intelligent control. To be ready for the future, companies should integrate new energy solutions, such as EV chargers or use locally generated renewable energy while controlling energy flows and planning for power capacity.

Eaton is a market-leading provider of power management products, helping clients use mechanical, fluid, and electrical power more dependably, effectively, securely, and sustainably. They offer cutting-edge services worldwide to assist their customers in creating a more sustainable company.

How do Eaton’s solutions help change commercial buildings?

Eaton provides the right products and services across all building types, helping your buildings become more functional, efficient, and safe. They have a wide range of electrical distribution, circuit protection, lighting, and fire & safety systems available at Distrelec.

Watch the video below to find out what exactly building as a grid is and how, besides being grid on its own, it interacts with others connections as an active part of the grid.

“With our Buildings as a Grid approach, you can transform your building into an energy hub to take advantage of the new power paradigm, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements.”

Eaton, Unlock the energy transition for your building

Which building types are the main focus for Eaton?

Eaton focuses on a wide range of buildings, from commercial and public use to entertainment and infrastructure facilities. Watch this video below to find out how Eaton helps power commercial buildings.

Eaton’s way of powering buildings. Source: Eaton

Discover the types of buildings divided into categories: 

  • Commercial office and mixed-use – With a design that prioritises usefulness, well-being, and productivity, improves your operations’ efficiency and lowers your overall energy consumption, you can safeguard your people and reputation.
  • Education – Create a linked, integrated, and cogent system to maximise usable space, boost student and teacher productivity, and keep everyone safe.
  • Stadiums – Design and construct the highest quality facility that promotes your company’s image and keeps customers secure in an unfamiliar setting.
  • Retail – Design a welcoming location that improves the visitor experience while adaptable to shifting layout requirements.
  • Healthcare – Protect vital power systems and data for ongoing operations, and make sure patients, visitors, and employees are comfortable and safe.
  • Hospitality and leisure – Create an attractive atmosphere to ensure a positive visitor experience while sustaining cost-effective operations that save energy and adhere to regulations.
  • Industrial and warehouse – Boost productivity, control operational risk, and increase energy efficiency by making the most of your space.
  • Airports, railway stations and infrastructure – To increase profitability, satisfy customer demands and governmental standards, decrease downtime, boost availability, and improve safety and security.

Finding energy solutions for contributing in global energy transition 

A big part of the transition towards a more sustainable and greener future are buildings that, when connected as a grid, can create more technologically advanced and better-monitored environments. Such infrastructures will also contribute to the global energy transition bringing people better-living conditions. 

Energy-intensive sectors can assist in grid stabilisation and help promote the use of more renewable energy thanks to energy solutions provided by the best industry leaders, such as Eaton. Eaton offers plenty of solutions from lighting and controls to wiring devices, transformers, backup power protection, fitting and enclosures, circuit protection and much more.

FRCdM series of Digital RCD Circuit Breakers, Eaton

The FRCdM complies with the strictest standards for the safety of both humans and machinery. RCCBs of Types B, B+, and Bfq identify pulsing AC currents, DC residual currents, and smooth DC residual currents. 

The most common type of RCCB is a type B, and these devices are sensitive to all residual currents up to 1 kHz. Type B+ devices have a unique tripping curve that limits the tripping current to a maximum of 420 mA for frequencies up to 20 kHz while also making them sensitive to all residual currents. At higher frequencies up to 50 kHz, Type Bfq devices can tolerate system-induced earth leakage currents.

Core features:

  • Easy operation and refitting
  • Line-voltage independent
  • LED monitoring
  • Real-time measurement of residual currents
  • Automatic re-setting possible
  • Fault current tripping indicator
  • Contact position indicator
  • Digital features for maximum system availability

Programmable Logic Controllers, easyE4, Eaton

EasyE4 PLC is, as the name suggests, an easy system solution with a connection to the Cloud.. It is ideal for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, HVAC, and home automation applications as it has 12 I/O and can be expanded to a network of up to 188 I/O points. The user-friendly programming environment of the PLC 8DI supports four programming languages, including ST, FBD, LD, and EDP. With 11 local extension modules that may be added to a base unit, it provides the greatest versatility.

XV-363 Touch panels, EATON

With a variety of communication interfaces via Ethernet, CANopen, Profibus, or serial protocols, the Visualisation XV spectrum of HMI solutions provides easy operation. A smart front panel with high-resolution touch and infrared technology consists of durable laminated safety glass materials for reliable protection and straightforward operation. The smooth infrared touch operation of PLCs allows for simple customization of their functionalities to meet user needs. 24 VDC, IR, 800 x 600 pixels, 2 Ethernet, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 1 CAN, and 1 DP are among the features. The PLC function can be modified by the user.

PLSM/PLN series of Circuit Breakers

High-quality, versatile, and safe miniature circuit breakers for both industrial and domestic use. The circuit breaker (MCB) from the PLSM/PLN series is a safety feature that has both a thermal and an electromagnetic release in the case of an overload, as well as protection from short circuits.

EMS2 Electronic Motor Starter, EATON

Multifunctional 5 in 1 technology: electronic motor protection, integrated reversing starter, safe stop, intelligent networking, motor starter with long service life (hybrid switching).Using the EMS2, applications with safe stops in line with SIL 3 and PLe can be implemented significantly more quickly and easily. The main/control circuits are simpler to configure thanks to the multi-functional architecture, which also results in a 70% reduction in hardware components. The switchgear’s traditional control wiring is replaced by the SmartWire-DT system’s communications-capable plug-in connection. As a result, the time needed for wiring, testing, and commissioning is drastically decreased.

Core features:

  • DOL and reversing starts
  • Motor output (AC-3 / 400 V) 0.06…3 kW
  • Wide-range overload protection
  • Emergency-stop contactor (SIL3)
  • 22.5 mm wide
  • Additional monitoring functions via SmartWire-DT
  • Hybrid switching technology
  • ATEX approval
  • Short-circuit protection

Discover the whole of Eaton’s broad product selection to make your building more sustainable and connected.

Source: Eaton

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