How to decide on the right solar and wind power

Climate change has very much been on the forefront of every country’s agenda, with more incentives being offered to go green. Going green can make a significant difference to your energy bills as well as having a massive impact on the global pollution crisis. Choosing the right type renewable energy can be challenging and getting it wrong could be costly. Let’s look at the most common types of wind and solar power to help you make an informed decision on your green future.

How solar panels generate electricity

  1. Solar cells capture and absorb sunlight
  2. Electrons begin to flow in the silicon semiconductors of the panels to produce electrical current
  3. The wiring captures the current created and combines it from other solar cells
  4. The raw electrical energy is then converted by an inverter to produce a specific voltage output

How wind turbines produce electricity

  1. Wind passes over the blades and makes them turn
  2. The blades turn a shaft connected to a gearbox
  3. A generator converts that kinetic energy into electrical energy
  4. A transformer converts the electrical energy into the correct voltage
  5. Electricity is then exported to the end user

Renewable energy sources can significantly save our planet and species. No matter how big or small we should all be making a difference, whether that is recycling waste, using green transportation, or investing in solar and wind power.

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