Interview with PeakTech

We caught up with PeakTech to get an insight into their company and product range.

1. Who are PeakTech and what do they produce?
PeakTech is a German manufacturer for measurement equipment based near Hamburg. We offer a wide range in this specific electronics branch, such as Power Supplies, Scopes, Multimeters, Environment testers and many more meters but also a lot of accessories.

2. What applications and solutions are PeakTech products suitable for?
PeakTech instruments are mostly used in craftsmanship, the industrial sector, laboratories or the educational areas. We also offer development and OEM production for many customers.

3. In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing happening in test and measurement right now and why?
The subject of design and feel has become much more important in recent years. Nowadays measuring devices can not only measure but also look good and fit comfortably in the hand. In addition, the increasingly cheaper technologies from the mobile phone and tablet sector offer excellent opportunities to upgrade measuring devices with larger displays, data memories and communication interfaces. This is currently the biggest change in the industry since the switch from analog to digital measurement technology a few decades ago.

4. What new products and technologies is PeakTech working with/on?
At the moment we are integrating a new series of handheld touch screen scopes to our sales program, but we are already in the planning stage for many innovative new products for summer / autumn 2021.

5. What are some of the challenges of developing and deploying applications in these sorts of environments?

The ever-increasing networking of modern measuring devices via wireless connections and the support of apps for mobile devices requires the establishment of in-house software development, since external developers are usually not close enough to the rather complex subject matter of measuring technology. In addition, current events sometimes lead to bottlenecks in material procurement, which must be considered already during the development.

6. What key developments are part of the PeakTech strategy for 2021?

We are currently investing a lot of time and effort in new designs and technologies to make our products even more unique and user-friendly.

7.  Why should our customers invest in your products?

PeakTech products are of high quality and meet all European safety standards, whereby we always pay attention to an excellent price / performance ratio. Together with our three-year guarantee, the customer cannot go wrong with the purchase of the devices.

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