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The people behind a brand are key as they contribute to the company’s success. Only the hard work and engagement of the right members can help to create a brand that will be successful in the market and still grow.

RND is Distrelec’s own brand that offers high quality and reasonable costs. In the offer there is a wide selection of products to fulfil the needs of electronic, electrical, and maintenance professionals. Today you can discover who creates the brand that offers excellent value and a product you can rely on.

How RND Began

In 2016, Distrelec launched a new private label, RND. The brand offers products for the electronics, electrical and maintenance industries. It is characterised by high quality despite low prices.

This cost advantage should enable Distrelec customers to expand their technical equipment without additional, increasing charges. The RND team focused on introducing 1000s of products in its first year, including cables, connectors, housings, test and measurement instruments, power supplies and tools, with new articles added monthly ever since.

As well as sourcing value and reliable products, RND to maintain healthy stock levels and sourcing value and reliable products, which can be delivered within 24 hours from either its warehouse in the Netherlands or Switzerland. In this way, the customer should be able to eliminate any bottlenecks in spare parts or within the existing equipment more quickly and thus plan more effectively and predictably.

Core Values

The brand’s mission is to offer customers a rich range of products sourced and tailored to meet all the needs of electronics, electrical and maintenance professionals.

The RND values align with Distrelec’s values that are used as guidelines for all activities. The values are:

  1. One Team
  2. Empower
  3. Customer First
  4. Grow

Bearing the principles in mind, the RND team ensures that all ranges are carefully selected with the target customer in mind, and subjected to strict quality controls which comply with all required industry standards.

Who are RND Team Members

The RND Product management team includes a very lean but experienced group of individuals, which consists of four members that are not only product and industry experts but are distinguished by their sourcing and product development skills and spanning decades of experience. They work heavily daily with a team of 4 Quality Control Experts for all compliance requirements, Vendor Management and inspections.

Brand Manager

Gemma Squire, Own Brand Manager – Gemma’s role consists of aligning the brand’s product strategy with the overall Distrelec strategy. She is also responsible for managing the product team and overseeing that the RND products meet the needs of its customers.

We have a loyal customer base, and in these current times, that’s important to us, so therefore we are also loyal in return. We strive for our customers in everything we do, and consider their needs at every point in the product life cycle.

Gemma Squire

Product Team

The RND Product Manager is responsible for product sourcing, planning and marketing. It means managing the product throughout its lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing products, and ensuring they fit customer requirements. They define product specifications and pricing and work closely with many aspects of the business to deliver reliable products.

  • Janis Siklis, Product Data Specialist & Product Management – Janis looks after Connectors, Switches, Relays, Passives.
  • Joanne Hicklin, Product Management – Joanne is looking after Tools, Soldering, Workplace Safety, Office, Measurement Tools & Enclosures.
  • Scott Wunderley, Product Management – Scott is looking after Automation, Test & Measurement, Power.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance responsibilities include developing quality standards, collecting and assessing tests and reports, and identifying issues in the sourcing of RND products.

  • David Connelly, Quality and Legislation
  • Richard Foster, Quality & Compliance
  • Chris Cox, Trade Compliance
  • Patrick Lohri, Quality & Environmental

Inventory Planning

  • Alise Kamss, Inventory Planner – Alise is responsible for creating and maintaining stock coverage for the brand.

RND Biggest successes over the years

  • Team span from Manchester, UK to Riga, Latvia
  • 40 years of product management knowledge
  • Enjoyed year on year successes – even during the pandemic
  • Top countries: Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway & Italy
  • Perfect for educational customers due to the opening price point and stock availability

The best-selling RND Products

RND has an array of top quality and successful products, here are a few, and the reasons why:

Bench Top Power Supply

Versatile, accurate and stable. Customers across Manufacturing, Design, Education and Field Service industries that require reliable sources of power find the assortment essential to do a lot of electronics or other powered projects on their work bench.

Tool Kits

Tool kits offer a wide variety of tools in one place, giving flexibility and providing a portable solution. This RND tool kit pictured below is a best seller providing great quality at a great price and offering a range of tools for assembly work in the field of electronics, with a tool holder, rubber strap, and removable tool boards.


RND have great value packs of primary batteries with reliable performance and long storage life.

AC/DC Switching Power Supplies for DIN Rail

The RND range is a convenient option for Industrial Manufacturing when it comes to powering DC operated equipment. Easy connection, installation, and maintenance. They’re reliable, compact and lightweight. We find our customers use these for factory automation, traffic and transportation systems among other industrial applications.

Solder Fume Extractor

Ideal for students and research, our soldering range offers the best value assortment. This fume extractor has a built-in high efficiency, low noise, brushless mini fan, an easy to replace activated carbon filter and absorbs noxious flux and lead fumes.

Cable Ties

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our weather resistant and robust cable ties are a reliable component for manufacturing and field service. Provided in packs, and with strong stock availability.

D-Sub Connectors

D-Sub connector is a common electrical component used in computing to form connections on circuit boards. RND D-sub connectors have various different connection types, from Crimp D-sub to Spring Terminal D-sub and help our customers save on their projects.

What distinguishes the RND brand?

RND has always been popular for anyone looking for products that meet the demands of maintenance-focused industries, at a better value with a superior level of quality.

As a team, RND pride itself on the brand messaging: ‘Save like never before – great quality and low prices guaranteed’. Every day, each team member strives to get the best possible product at the best price – and RND passes this on to benefit the customers so that they can make a difference to their business too. Compliance is also adhered to, with some of the strictest compliance checks around, so RND can guarantee its products meet the strictest standards in the industry.

Final Thoughts

As the RND assortment goes from strength to strength, so does the team. The long-term strategy is to continue the success and provide reliable products at best possible costs. It also provides customer support in every way imaginable as trading and manufacturing conditions change going into 2023 and beyond. Our world is changing, and RND is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers throughout this.

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