Knipex Webinar: Wire Stripping Masterclass with Marc Schneider

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Most wire strippers may perform various jobs, and most professional electricians make daily use of stripping tools. Their principal function is to remove the insulation from the ends of wires. They are frequently used in combination tools with a wire stripping function, pliers jaws, cable-cutting blades, and a couple of threaded holes for cutting bolts.

KNIPEX is the world’s top manufacturer of pliers for professional users. With over 140 years of experience, Knipex has gathered a wealth of pliers and manufacturing know-how, which can be found in every pair of KNIPEX pliers. As specialists, they can provide clients with exceptional service and compete on a global scale. They exclusively manufacture their products in Germany, in Wuppertal. The brand offers solutions for effective, easy, and safe working.

For the second time, Distrelec takes this opportunity to find out more about Knipex and their wide range of stripping tools by speaking with Marc Schneider, the Product Manager of Cable Connection Technology. In a previous webinar with Knipex, we talked about a crimping range of tools. Today we will learn about stripping tools, used in the most difficult part of wire processing.

Watch this webinar to see the demonstration video of the Knipex stripping range of tools.

The main types of wire strippers

There are two primary types of wire strippers in the market: manual and automated. Manual wire strippers employ a blade or set of blades with or without a notch.

Manual wire strippers

Manual or also called mechanical wire strippers, are often adjustable to a certain size using an adjustment screw so that the two V-shaped cutting blades create a diameter that corresponds to the cables to be processed.

This is ideal for operations when numerous cables of the same diameter must be stripped one after the other because the technique is carried out with only one hand after each setting, as opposed to the traditional stripping knife. If the setting is proper, the wires are not harmed. There are also available stripping pliers with VDE-tested handles.

Automatic wire strippers

The modification to the suitable cable size is carried out automatically with automated wire strippers, which not only requires minimal effort but also saves you a lot of time. Self-adjusting wire strippers are very useful when working with wires with varying cross-sections.

After inserting the cable into the tool, just squeeze the gripping jaws, and the cable is stripped to the desired length in a single step. To provide a consistent stripping length, KNIPEX pliers contain a length stop on which you may adjust the required length.

There are several models for various cable cross-sections and kinds. Automatic wire strippers for standard insulation, rubber cables, and flat cables are examples.

Stripping tools from Knipex

Knipex offers a wide range of stripping tools and wire strippers for insulation, electronic wires, mini wires as well as stripping tweezers, shears and much more.

The brand ensures that their products meet customers’ expectations and high demand, they use only selected steel alloys that have been chosen according to specifications.

Stripping sheaths and insulation

With accurate tools, it is possible to remove some sheath of several bundled insulated cables. For example, The KNIPEX ErgoStrip special combination tool presented in the webinar can be used for both sheaths and insulation of all common types. Many pliers for the stripping of cable sheaths have integrated cable cutters or side cutters that allow for a cleaner cut. 

Search the whole range of Knipex products to find the best solution to your project or application.

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