Webinar: Knipex Crimping Masterclass

With the rapid increase in electric drives and the necessary control electronics, the need for fast and secure connections is increasing. Plug types such as Scotchlok connectors, Western plugs, module plugs, Cannon plugs and many more are suitable for crimping – the joining process in which the connection is made via plastic deformation using a compression tool.

The complexity of possible crimp connections is continuously increasing. In addition to flexible and solid wires, fiber optic cables, antenna cables, telephone and LAN cables and many other types of cable can now also be processed with crimping tools.

KNIPEX offers you a variety of solutions, with which cables and plugs can be connected safely and in accordance with standards.

Distrelec invited Knipex crimping expert Marc Schneider to give us a live demonstration of the Knipex crimping range of tools.

99% of users learned something new in this webinar*

*based on poll of live attendees

Quality matters

The decisive factor for the function of a pair of pliers is their precision: without accuracy, there is no reliable cutting, gripping or deforming, and no operation without play. Tight tolerances, the compliance of which we ensure with modern manufacturing technology, enable us to meet our strict quality requirements.

Knipex achieve these requirements through strict measurements and various tests – after the individual production steps and at the end of the entire process. They use state-of-the-art measuring technology and long-term testing systems, as well as practical routine testing by hand.

To ensure that pliers meet expectations and high demands, Knipex only use selected steel alloys that have been rolled according to our specifications.

Innovations from the “think tank”

Always better pliers – that is the guiding principle, the implementation of which Knipex devote all their competence and creativity to. Knipex develops new pliers and optimise existing models to make work even more effective and easier.

Their motivation is to always come up with unconventional solutions that set standards: new ways of force transmission, easier and faster usability, combination of various functions in one tool and imaginative problem solvers for special applications. This saves energy and time and you can achieve better work results with less effort.

Knipex builds many of the machines themselves; purchased ones are adapted to their special requirements. In many cases they also program the software for the control and operation of the machines themselves.

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