The benefits of automated soldering with Weller

Production facilities that want to save costs, improve quality, increase productivity and ensure better health and safety practices are increasingly using automated systems. Capable of enhancing the day-to-day work of maintenance professionals, robotic soldering offers a far more efficient alternative to hand-soldering. With Weller, discover the latest technology to improve both productivity and quality and find the best soldering accessories to propel innovation.

Ideal for a variety of applications such as through-hole components, wires, connectors and special components, the use of automated soldering can be applied broadly in industry and has many benefits.

Higher quality soldering

Capable of providing consistent, repeatable and reproducible work, robotic soldering offers far higher quality output than soldering by hand. As inefficient manufacturing of electronics can hinder quality, traceability is useful to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Traceability is achieved by using data to monitor and rectify any undetected issues and to highlight inefficient or repetitive work throughout the production process. This information can be attained with ease when using automated systems and is useful for reducing waste, eliminating errors and avoiding activities that do not add value.

Robotic soldering also provides control over process parameters to create high quality, accurate work by defining and monitoring variables that cannot be controlled with precision during manual production. Such parameters include:

  • Positioning
  • Orientation
  • Solder time
  • Temperature
  • Solder speed
  • Solder volume
  • Soldering iron force

Increased productivity

Offering continuous production that substantially increases output, automated systems are better able to design out Bottlenecks to ensure that capacity is not limited at any point of the process. In non-automated systems, ascertaining where errors occur or where production is stunted can be far more difficult to determine and can adversely affect output as a result.

Another benefit is that the combination of known costs and known output enables maintenance professionals to calculate their yield effectively. Soldering by hand produces an inconsistent output that differs according to a number of variables. With substantial increases in production and with output of a higher quality, robotic soldering far exceeds the capabilities of manual processes.

Improved health and safety

By using automated systems, the health and safety risks inherent to hand-soldering are eliminated as maintenance technicians do not need to solder themselves. Risks mitigated when using robots include burns, fume inhalation, fatigue and hand and eye strain.

Cost-effective soldering

Despite the initial expense, with time, automated soldering proves cost-effective compared to soldering by hand. By using robotics, both the cost of labour and costs associated with the training and re-training of soldering experts is reduced. Additionally, although rework is common with manual soldering, the increased precision afforded by robotic soldering ensures better quality work that eliminates the need for rework. Investing in good quality parts and accessories further reduces costs over time. As automated equipment uses consumables in a controlled and predictable way, the maximum life of parts is ensured.

WTBR 1000: Benchtop Robot from Weller

For an advanced automation soldering solution in practice, discover the WTBR 1000 Benchtop Robot from Weller. Conveniently sized and equipped with the latest technology, this robotics system ensures the highest precision, reliability and productivity for all of your soldering needs. Offering all of the benefits synonymous with robotic soldering and more, discover the unique features of WTBR 1000, including:

  • WT 1H soldering station- 150W, precise temperature control and stability
  • XTR tips
  • Camera with LED ring
  • Integrated tip cleaner
  • Double drawer system for continuous production
  • Built-in fume extraction with safety cover
  • Easy-to-use software

The key benefits of automated soldering are provided by the WTBR 1000 in the following ways:

  1. Higher quality – The inclusion of the latest technology such as precise tips and a camera with an LED ring ensures greater accuracy and precision, providing better quality soldering. The solder feeder and workpiece are positioned in close proximity so that the wire can be pulled smoothly rather than pushed through the feeder tube. This ensures the highest solder joint quality and minimises the possibility of tolerance deviations. 
  2. Increased productivity – The double drawer system enables continuous and versatile production that typically allows for twice as much output, improving productivity and offering greater flexibility. The delays inherent in manual production are avoided and, with easy-to-use software provided, the WTBR 1000 further increases productivity.
  3. Improved health and safety – As manual operation is not required with robotics soldering, risks to users are eliminated. However, the WTBR 1000 goes one step further with built-in Weller fume extraction and an integrated tip cleaner to further reduce the need for human intervention. Robust and sturdy, the unit is protected from disruptive movement and vibration and offers triple protection with a fully-enclosed system that keeps the operator, the workpiece and the machine itself safe.
  4. Cost-effectiveness – The WTBR 1000 allows for cost savings of up to 50% compared with hand soldering. Reductions in the cost of labour and training combined with increases in both output and quality ensure that the WTBR 1000 is a fantastic investment for maintenance professionals. This robotics system can offer a fantastic return on investment, ultimately saving costs and improving manufacturing processes exponentially.

WSW Solder Wire J-STD 004

WSW soldering wire is offered in several wire diameters. It is formulated for tip protection with high flux content and a melting temperature of 219°C. Offering fast wetting properties on difficult surfaces and with lower temperatures, this wire works well in a number of applications and is ideal for robotic soldering.

WT 1010H SET – Soldering Station WT 1010H 150W 550°C

This soldering station offers high productivity and intuitive use thanks to a clear menu structure. Providing high performance and functionality for many connectable tools, this unit has a quick-change heating element that can be used with a variety of soldering tips.

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