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Since 2020 and the COVID19 pandemic, the global supply chain has become strained and pressured. Transport has become strained due to container shortages, increased shipping and air freight prices, raw material and semiconductor shortages, and increased demand to keep up to date with technology (Electric vehicles and 5G, for instance). Raw material shortages/price increases affect stock availability and lead times.

There is a brand that can help overcome these challenges – RND. RND can save your budget by supplying high-quality, compliant products in this current economic situation.

Smart buying

Demand for high-value, low-risk products is great, and steady supply is key at this moment in time, the recovery of the economy has boosted global demand and caused raw material shortages and price increases. Procurement teams worldwide are challenged with keeping down costs for key materials, managing stock intake and keeping businesses/manufacturing moving. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to buy smart.

It is important to stay smart and look for a product source where you can buy everything all at once. Reducing the number of suppliers could result in efficiencies, save time, keep costs down by buying in bulk, and keep transport and shipping costs down while being mindful of CO2 and footprint.

Many buyers check prices in multiple places to buy essential products as cheaply as possible, but what if you can shop in one place with one brand and get everything you came for? RND could be the solution for you… RND gives you great quality and low prices combined, offering compliant products, exceptional value and a product you can trust.

RND can help save your budget

The pressure on cash flow can be relieved with RND products. We can help you maintain the workflow with stock availability and maintain your margins with competitively priced components, tools and devices. We can help service all your needs without forfeiting quality or reliability as we ensure that every delivery to us has already been inspected and up-to-date compliance requirements are met. We also obtain relevant certification documents and make them available to our customers, reducing risk of using unproven equipment.

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