Embedded World 2022 –  Distrelec Report from the Event 

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The Embedded World trade show is a world-class exhibition for design engineers and technical managers. Participants have the chance to learn about new products and developments, engage in conversation to maintain and make vital contacts. The event is hosted at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg annually. This year it lasted three days, from Tuesday 21st till Thursday 23rd of June 2022. 

Embedded World – for whom?

Everyone can participate in the trade show, but mainly Embedded World is an event crucial for engineers, technical specialists, students, manufacturers and distributors, such as Distrelec. Companies join the event as exhibitors to present the best automation, technology and engineering solutions. It is a chance for them to showcase the best embedded technologies, from building blocks, modules to operating systems, software, hardware, and services that cover every part of embedded systems. 

As during the pandemic a lot of events were put on hold, this was one of the first occasions to participate in such a big organised event, designed for distributors like Distrelec. Distrelec, as a leading distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, was a welcome presence there. We exhibited some of the top Arduino products as well as brands such as Traco Power and Distrelec’s own brand RND

For technology companies, the first two days of the event were full of meetings. Distrelec specialists from offices in Manchester (UK), Bremen (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), including Holger Ruban (CEO), Rodrigue Mao, Adam Selfe, Julia Stollberg, Adam Jeffery, Gábor Herédi-Szabó, Ash Ali, Andre Hoffmann, Petra Knegendorf, Nicole Wöhrmann, Holger Brandt, Michael Aldinger and Jochen Alfons were attending meetings with their supplier partners, such as:

On the last day, the event was full of curious engineering students that came there looking for products from the best brands and found, for instance, RND. It is Distrelec’s Own Brand, affordable for students and offers great value, reliable products that comply with industry standards. Read more about how RND products drive educational success or look below at the best-selling RND products showcased on the Distrelec stand.

Bench Top Power Supply, RND

SMD Resistor Assortment, RND Components

Touch Soldering Station, RND Lab

Find out more about soldering safely and efficiently with RND Lab here.

It is worth mentioning that Distrelec always focuses on the young and supporting universities. Engineering students left the event with some souvenirs from Distrelec, as we gave out hundreds of free batteries along with pens, cards, flyers, Arduino and Traco Power kits.

Development Boards, Arduino Portenta

DC Converter for Harsh Environments, Traco Power

Power Supply Modules, Traco Power

Embedded World and what is next – other exciting Distrelec plans

Distrelec product management is looking for new brands and cooperation with engineering companies to distribute the newest technologically advanced products. We also want to create better brand awareness. As Andre Hoffman, Distrelec’s Managing Director in Germany, mentioned, participation at Embedded World has already proved that people know that ‘Distrelec is big’. Undoubtedly, our stock is also establishing this, as we have over 250 000 products at the moment, ensuring customers can find the products they’re looking for.

As Embedded World 2022 has already finished this year, Distrelec is looking forward to next year. Distrelec’s Chief Executive Officer Holger Ruban confirmed that the company is very excited about the event and will also participate in the next one. 

Distrelec greatly enjoyed being a part of the Embedded World trade show. We sincerely hope such events are organised time and again, giving exhibitors a chance to display the newest innovations in engineering and students an opportunity to find out more from industry leaders!

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