Top 5 RND Products to Enhance the Study Experience

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RND offers a wide selection of products designed to fulfil the needs of electronic, electrical, and maintenance professionals. It provides affordable solutions for engineers and engineering students, often beating competitors and big brands. The combination of high quality and reasonable prices creates an amazing value for a product you can trust. 

To be ready for the new academic year, it is crucial to have the right equipment. Hence RND comes to help to increase students’ awareness and knowledge in technologies. By providing students with a wide range of products, RND enhances their study experience. From lab equipment and power supplies to essential tools and kits.

Education is an important industry for RND, a brand which over the years, has worked with a range of customers within the educational sector from schools, colleges to universities. In particular, with EPFL, one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and innovative science and technology institutes, located in Switzerland.

RND is committed to developing products for the next generation of engineers. We are focused on sourcing a selection of products that will support, develop and inspire our engineers of the future – providing the tools they need at a most competitive price, without forfeiting quality or compliance.

– Gemma Squire, RND Own Brand Manager

Must-Have RND products your university need

Whether you are a student, teacher, engineer, academic worker, or IT specialist, you might need new technology equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are still learning, just started, or far into your career – RND has products that fit all.

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Most education facilities already have a computer, screen and a mouse but technology and science fields need more to develop soft-skilled students. Entry-level EE teaching labs can’t exist without function generators, multimeters, power supplies, and scopes. At the same time higher-level university teaching labs may feature even more advanced and specialised equipment. But the primary equipment in almost all teaching laboratories is the oscilloscope. Students use it to test and document their given experiments.

Have a look at our recommended items below, read our guide to choose the right oscilloscope or discover the new range of RND oscilloscopes.

RND 360-00001 – Oscilloscope with Multimeter Option, 4x 100MHz, 1GSPS, RND Lab

Multi-touch screen digital oscilloscope, 8 inch 800 x 600 high resolution LCD, easy to operate with low background noise with 100 MHz bandwidth 1 GS/s sample rate and 40 M record length 45000 wfms/s waveform refresh rate. It has multi-interface integration – USB host, USB device, USB port for PictBridge, LAN, AUX, and VGA.

RND 360-00002 – Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 2x 35MHz, RND Lab

Waveform Generator with 500 MSa/s sample rate, vertical resolution 1 μHz and max 35 MHz frequency output and high-accuracy frequency counter integrated, supported range 100 mHz –
200 MHz. It is SCPI, and LabVIEW supported and comprehensive modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, PSK, OSK, ASK, BPSK, PWM, sweep, and burst.

RND Lab offers tools, soldering solutions, power supply as well as testing and measurement equipment. Search the expanding selection of electronic, electrical, and maintenance categories. Students don’t have to worry about the right equipment; RND has a wide range of tool kits and school lab setups for future engineers.

1. Multimeters

The first product that is very useful in a school lab is a multimeter. Multimeters are measuring devices that can measure a variety of electrical properties. The measuring functions which multimeters have are AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, continuity, diode test, frequency, impedance, and resistance. The measurements on an analogue multimeter are shown using a microammeter with a moving pointer. RND has a wide range of digital multimeters at great prices, including versions with True RMS and auto-ranging. 

RND 355-00010 – True RMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter 1kV 10MHz 50MOhm, RND Lab

True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter with TFT colour LCD display for fast A/D conversion, excellent accuracy, built-in data logging, and Trend Capture. It can trace any interrupted problems of the equipment and watch on without a person. This digital multimeter easily detects and helps solve production problems using Bluetooth technology that helps capture and store data for future use. It is safer for measurements. This multimeter monitors AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Duty Cycle, Diode Test, and Continuity, as well as Thermocouple Temperature. It has the ability to save and recall information. It has a strong, waterproof design for heavy-duty use.

2. Power Supplies

One of the most common components of electrical test equipment are power supplies. Controlled electrical energy is used in plenty of different situations. Anything that provides power, such as an internal combustion engine, a hydroelectric dam, or a hydraulic pump, is considered the power supply. Other types are electrical power supplies that are most commonly used for test and measurement, maintenance, and product development.

A benchtop power supply is a device that provides direct current (DC) voltage (power) to the item under test in order to test and monitor circuit systems. Electrical engineers, circuit designers, and other experts in relevant fields usually use it. Read more about benchtop power supplies to choose the best one for your project.

RND 320-KWR103 – Bench Top Power Supply, 60V, 15A, 300W, Programmable, RND Lab

New 300W/30V/30A wide-range programmable DC power source with multiple communication rates. Its compact size and high power ratio. Other benefits are low ripple, noise and linear output.

RND 320-KA3005D – Bench Top Power Supply, 30V, 5A, 150W, Adjustable, CEE 7/7, RND Lab

The 320-KA3005D has an input voltage of 230V (+10%), 50Hz and has low noise and ripple. Completely digitally controlled with output switch control.

3. Tool Kits

RND has a wide range of student’s tool kits including engineering tools, mechanics tools and knife sets that contain, among others, screwdrivers, cable knives, cutters, adaptors, tweezers and spanners. All custom kits are provided in a toolbox or a tool bag.

RND 550-00342 – Engineers Tool Kit, 23 Pieces, RND Lab

Tools for assembly work in the field of electronics.

Besides the tools, there are development boards & kits available at Distrelec. Two most popular ones that are useful for students are Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Raspberry Pi is a small compact computer that plugs into a screen or TV. It’s a capable device that allows users of all ages to learn the fundamentals of computing and programming languages like Scratch and Python. 

RND offers power adapters ideal for use with Raspberry Pi computers. The RND power supply works with all Raspberry Pi4 versions and comes with a variety of replaceable plugs, possible to use anywhere in the world.

4. Soldering Stations

A soldering station is an electronic tool used of hand-held solder electronic components to a PCB. It consists of a temperature control station or unit, and a soldering iron that can be attached to the station unit. They are mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. Most legitimate service shops also use these temperature-controlled soldering stations for repair (e.g. repairing circuit boards) and rework activities.

Soldering is a metal-to-metal joining procedure in which solder is melted and used to connect different types of metals. The iron is heated to above 600 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled to produce a strong electrical connection. Find out how to solder safely and efficiently with RND Lab here.

RND 560-00155 – Soldering Station 100W 500°C 230V, RND Lab

The high-power, temperature-controlled soldering station with microchip controllers was created to fulfil the current and future lead-free soldering needs of the electronic manufacturing industry, and is appropriate for professional SMD electronics work. This soldering station has electrical circuitry that allows the user to change the tip temperature from 100 to 5000 degrees Celsius without changing the tips or heating components. It also has large digital display keys on the front panel for better visibility and a more comfortable setup. The temperature is kept between +/- 3 degrees Celsius and +/- 6 degrees Celsius.

5. Magnifying Glass Lamps

Magnifier lamps are another, simple but useful product that all engineering and science labs should have. Magnifying glass lamps are for anyone dealing with precision assembly, inspection, or design. A magnifying lamp is a must-have tool in any lab.

Light magnifiers are useful in decreasing eye strain and preventing vision fatigue because they allow users to easily notice small details. RND magnifying glass lamps give you the best visibility, inspection and a guarantee of incredibly bright 60 ultra-efficient SMD LEDs.

RND 550-00120 – Magnifying Glass Lamp, 127mm, 1.75x, A+, Glass, RND Lab

Incredibly bright with 60 ultra-efficient SMD LEDs. Has an integrated handle for easy positioning and colour Temperature 6000-6500K, dimmable. A covered arm provides arm protection.

Upgrade your learning environment with RND solutions

Returning to school or university requires having well-functioning equipment. Laboratories and classrooms can only exist with adequate tools, kits, multimeters, power supplies, cables, lamps and soldering stations. To be a thriving institution, improve your organisation or develop your engineering skills, discover RND products and don’t risk using old equipment and devices.

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