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14 – 16 March 2023 in Nuremberg
Hall 3A, Booth 225
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A major European distributor of electronics, automation and measurement technology, Distrelec, will participate in Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2023 to showcase new products, share knowledge around industry trends and engage in conversation with customers and supplying partners.

One of the most important engineering events, Embedded World, is to take place in Nuremberg this year from 14th to 16th of March. Distrelec, as one of the leading European distributors will be a welcomed guest, participating again in this exciting event. 

The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference is a platform for the whole embedded community, including experts, engineers, technical specialists, business associations, as well as manufacturers, distributors, and students. It provides previously undiscovered insight into the world of embedded systems, from parts and modules to operating systems, software and hardware design, M2M communication, services, and other matters associated with complex system designs.

The main topics this year:

  • Complex embedded systems – sensors, cloud, hardware and software tools.
  • Autonomous and intelligent systems – responsibility by design; applications including medical, mobility and industrial automation.
  • Sustainable applications – sustainability design to manufacturing, operation, refurbishment and disposal of the product.

Bigger booth, gifts and PAC MAN game

The exact location where Distrelec will be available is Hall 3A, booth 225 where customers, students and suppliers will be able to find more information and see for themselves some of the products available to buy from Distrelec, which stocks over 100 000 automation, engineering and electronic goods.

Distrelec is planning to enter Embedded World 2023 even better prepared than last year. Some of the improvements include a bigger booth, more products on show, giveaways and even some games, available for visitors to attempt at the stand. The main attraction will be the World’s Largest PAC MAN game. Whether you are an active player of Pac-Man or it will be your first time, this might be a great opportunity to play a classic video game on a video billboard. Try your chances at Distrelec’s booth and be in with a chance to win a €50 Amazon voucher. Can’t miss that!

More products on Distrelec’s stand

Distrelec is taking even more products to showcase on their stand this year, among the brands will be RND, Seeed Studio, Traco Power, Moxa, and more. Come to Distrelec’s booth to see recommended products and find out more about their functionalities.

‘The most exciting thing about being at Embedded World is to speak with customers in person and see their interest in the newest innovations, and their wish to reach us directly to find out more from industry leaders.’ 

– Holger Ruban, Distrelec’s CEO

Similarly to last year, Distrelec is attending the event with specialists from offices in Manchester (UK), Bremen (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) that will available to assist you with any queries, including:

  • Holger Ruban (CEO)
  • Sales & technical support: André Hoffmann (Sales Director Germany), Jochen Alfons (Country Sales Manager Austria), Ad Hazenberg (Sales Director West), Nicole Wöhrmann, Ruud Vertommen, Marvin Hundsdörfer.
  • Marketing & Product management (Manchester): Julia Stollberg, Daniel Ball, Adam Jeffery, Lucy Henshaw, Janis Siklis, Malcolm El-Tayeb, Dave Wood and Ash Ali.

Have a look below to see what products Distrelec will feature.


RND is Distrelec’s own brand which offers compliant products with high stock availability. RND offers thousands of products to meet the demands of electronic, electrical and maintenance professionals. Do you want to find out more about some of them? Have a look below and discover RND at Embedded World in March.

Among the RND products on show will be:

In addition to this, as part of their brand promotion, RND will give away 500 RND batteries, 500 RND torches and flash drives loaded with RND content for those wanting to know more. But, that’s not everything! Also, by participating in a PacMAN game, you will have a chance to win the RND arbitrary waveform generator which we’re displaying at the event.


Tektronix has been an oscilloscopes leader for over 75 years. Now, some of its best series will be displayed on Distrelec’s stand at Embedded World. Units from the 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) offer bandwidths from 70 MHz to 500 MHz and 2.5 GS/s max sample rate. The series has a capacitive touchscreen and comes with either two or four channels. With Tektronix oscilloscopes you can benefit from more space on your bench and choice of either two or four channels.


Moxa provides networking solutions with over 25 years of experience in industrial automation. It is one of the biggest Distrelec supplying partners that provides connectivity and edge connectivity solutions for IIoT, secure connections and even medical application devices.

Among showcased products from Moxa on Distrelec stand will be unmanaged Ethernet switches with metal housing from EDS-2000-EL series, mainly EDS-20005-EL and EDS-2008-EL that enable critical data processing with QoS under high traffic.

Come to the Distrelec booth on 16th of March to meet with a specialist from Moxa who will answer any questions about the Moxa products. You can’t miss that!

Traco Power

Traco Power is a leading company in power supplies solutions with over 35 years experience. They specialise in designing and manufacturing high quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products for medical/ healthcare, railway and industrial applications.

In Distrelec’s booth you will find Traco power products with a power output range of 1W to 600W in a variety of form factors, such as PCB-mount and chassis-mount devices. Additionally, products combine isolated, regulated DC loads with large AC inputs and large DC inputs.

Some of the Traco Power featured series on Distrelec stand:

  • For industrial and household applications: TMPW series that are compact 5-50 Watt AC/DC modules.
  • For medical and industrial applications: TRV 2M series that are 2 Watt high isolation DC/DC converters.

Seeed Studio 

Seeed Studio is an innovative electronics manufacturer that focuses on IoT technology, and specialises in hardware research, production and sales for edge computing, network communication and smart sensing applications.

One of the featured products will be Seeed SenseCAP S2120 Weather Sensor available to pre-order now. The 8-in-1 weather station collects air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, rainfall, light intensity, UV index, and barometric pressure data all in just one device and uploads them via LoRaWAN. It is suitable for outdoor use, the reliable weather sensor is easily deployed and capable in harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain or dusty conditions.

If you are seeking R&D support and services for customised products, check out Distrelec’s stand to find out more about Seeed Studio products features.


Bourns is a global manufacturer of potentiometers, automotive electronic components, circuit protection, magnetic and resistive goods, sensors, and other electronic components for industrial, automotive, instrumentation and even and even non-critical medical applications.

On Distrelec’s display you might find several power inductors, including the SRN semi-shielded series and the SRP series of high-current shielded SMD inductors, as well as Chip LAN power transformers, common mode chokes, and transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode arrays.

Come to Distrelec’s booth from 14th to 16th of March to find out more about products, get expertise and have fun being part of one of the most exciting industry events!

For more information about the event, go to:
To find out more about Distrelec, visit:

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