Elfa Distrelec is Helping Student Group Achieve Their Goals in Formula Student Competitions

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Elfa Distrelec, one of the leading online product and service providers for engineers and maintenance professionals, supports Lund Formula Student in Sweden in designing, developing and manufacturing a top-class racing car to compete against other universities. 

We are sponsoring students from Lund University with products, and we are the only distributor that is doing it. As an active and present company, we sponsored them last year and will do so also this year. We look forward to helping them achieve their goals!

– Christoffer Nilsson, Business Development Manager at Elfa Distrelec

The Formula Student racing team began in 2006 and was formerly known as LURacing. Since then, they have started a new engineering project every year to compete against other universities worldwide at the official Formula Student competitions. With a goal to design a proper racing car in a school year, they have already built 13 cars with 55 volunteering students and 70 partners. 

In 2019, the Lund University car placed second in Formula Student Netherlands and eighth in Formula Student Germany. This made their world ranking shoot up to 42nd best in the world, 15th in Europe and 1st in the Nordic countries.

As a part of Lund University, they represent the school and the region, SkÄne in Sweden. Each year, starting from spring, they recruit new students, build a Formula Student spec car, and compete in the competitions held in Europe. Later, they introduce new teams to the concept in summer and start designing in autumn.

Finally, the manufacturing begins and as the students previously noticed: Now the real fun begins, which is actually building the car physically and not just in CAD! All ideas and designs are followed to construct each little individual part of the car – from small spokes for the driveshaft to the enormous carbon fibre plates. Then, the car is ready to be seen during late spring, and the competition preparations begin. With a lot of testing and lots of fine tweaking and modifications, the students are finally ready to compete in July. 

This month, the carbon fiber team has finished the preparation of the monocoque molds. We have also completed the first layup of prepreg in the molds. In the coming month we are set to finish the monocoque chassis and to start the manufacturing of our aero package.

– Hannes Rustas, Aerodynamics and Cooling Manager at Lund Formula Student

Elfa Distrelec helped the Lund University students with manufacturing process by supporting them with many products, including:

Currently, the Formula Student team is busy working with planning all the competitions that have been accepted to this summer, and the unveiling of the car. They have made the decision to host the Nordic Test Event at Ljungbyhed this year, which will be held from 9th to 12th of June, bringing together at least 200 of the Nordic region’s foremost engineering students. Tickets and dates for the unveiling of the LFS22 car will be released soon.

We cannot wait to find out the result!

For more products, visit Distrelec: https://www.distrelec.ch/
or Elfa Distrelec: https://www.elfa.se/

For more updates about the event, visit the Lund Formula Student website: https://lundformulastudent.se/

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