A Comprehensive Guide to MEAN WELL’s NMP Series Modular Power Supplies

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Flexibility, effectiveness, and dependability are crucial when it comes to power supply options. MEAN WELL, a leading brand in power supply innovations, excels in delivering high-quality modular power supplies. The NMP series is a perfect example of this. For engineers, designers, and technology enthusiasts looking for effective power solutions, knowing the complexities of the NMP series can open up new options thanks to its numerous applications and remarkable performance. 

This article explores the complex capabilities and features of MEAN WELL’s NMP series. We will focus on how these modular power supplies elevate power management, enhance efficiency, and cater to diverse applications. Let’s explore the transformational potential of MEAN WELL’s NMP series in the realm of power electronics.


MEAN WELL is a standard power supply manufacturer, founded in 1982 in Taiwan, dedicated to developing specialised industrial power supply solutions. MEAN WELL’s power supplies are widely used in different industries, including industrial automation, medical equipment, LED lighting/outdoor signage, telecommuting, transportation and green energy applications. 

MEAN WELL is committed to providing clients with off-the-shelf standard products with quick delivery and global technical and after-sales support. This commitment drives the company to continually introduce new and creative products.

NMP Series Introduction

MEAN WELL’s NMP series is a 1U low profile, medically approved, configurable power supply. This series offers applications for remote control and monitoring thanks to its intelligent control features, which include voltage and current regulation, remote power on and off, over-temperature warning, and DC OK signal. Its internal temperature-detecting feature automatically changes the fan speed for temperature management. The power density is greatly increased by the 1U miniaturised design. 

Have a look below at the specifications of the NMP family products.

The NMP650/NMP1K2 Modular Power

Within the NMP, you can find two products, NMP650 with 4 slots and NMP1K2 with 6 slots (see below), that compromises different power wattages, 650W and 1200W, and the output modules can provide up to 240W with customisable options for the main working voltages used in industries: 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, and Dual Output.

Figure 1: Two of the MEAN WELL’s NMP Series Modular Switched-Mode Power Supplies.


  • Medical (2x MOPP) ITE safety approvals
  • BF application-ready with proper system considerations (Touch current 100uA/264VAC)
  • 1U low profile
  • Cooling using a fan that is thermostatically controlled and has an alarm
  • Auxiliary DC output, built-in parallel function, output programming, global enable, remote local ON-OFF, over-temperature alarm, and DC OK
  • 5 years warranty


  • Medical equipment 
  • Factory automation and ageing equipment
  • Laser equipments
  • Diagnostic or biological facilities
  • MRI, CT and PET scanners
  • Test or measurement systems
  • Telecommunication equipment

MEAN WELL offers an NMP Selection Tool where you can configure and customise your product based on individual requirements.

Modular Solutions for Medical Applications

The MEAN WELL NMP series of reliable, modular and configurable power supplies is perfect for medical purposes. In a smaller size and with multiple DC outputs (up to 240W), the NMP power supplies are perfect for various components, such as lifting motors, air compressors, water pumps, dental resin curing lights, and the lighting fixture of a dental chair, as they all require different voltages.

Also, any applications that require high currents, like laser or image rendering equipment with high power needs, can be connected in parallel to supply double, triple or even higher output currents to the load.

Watch the video below to see a detailed introduction to the NMP series products and explore their key features specific to medical applications.


MEAN WELL’s NMP series modular power supplies are a mix of intelligence, efficiency, and compliance. Their advanced control functions and compact design make them a versatile choice for diverse applications. The adherence to safety standards underlines MEAN WELL’s commitment to delivering reliable power solutions as their circuit design complies with industrial rules 62368-1 for the IT sector and medical safety standards 60601-1. It also complies with 2x MOPP medical insulation regulation, as well as the SEMI F47 standards for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 

If you are interested in different products from MEAN WELL, visit our webshop or read our guide on DIN rail power supplies here.

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