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Az Baksh International Indirect Sales Manager at Auer Signal

Born and based in London, Az is heavily involved in channel management, implementing joint agreed strategies and programs with distribution partners. He gained his professional experience while travelling and working abroad, first as a repair & calibration engineer to move into technical sales in Test & Measurement to work for several global OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and distribution channels. One of Auer Signal’s partners is Distrelec, their key channel partner in the development and growth of the Auer Signal brand whilst providing an extensive portfolio of Signalling equipment.

1.Can you briefly introduce Auer Signal and its technology and how this brand’s control panel proposition evolved over the years?

Where classical panel mount signal equipment lack in performance of recognition or signal range our products fulfil the niche of high performance indicators and buzzers.

The Auer portfolio is of the highest quality in the market. It’s for customers that require performance and quality over anything else whilst arguably being one of the most aesthetic products on the market. When customers have the opportunity to have the products presented to them, they really understand the value of their investment. All products are manufactured in Austria to the highest quality standards and shipped globally adhering to all required certifications

2. How does Auer Signal rank in the market in terms of panel building and solution offering nowadays?

We provide customers high performance and pre-customized products which go beyond the classical indicator portfolio in the market. Our signalling devices are developed, tested and produced to the highest industrial quality in Vienna, Austria. With the products being fully developed in-house by our engineers, we are also experts when it comes to custom-made signalling devices for special applications.

3. What do you think are key design/building process factors to consider for Panel Builders?

Beyond the various markets served, main industries fall into Machine Builders and Panel Builders. Traditionally, the panel builder industry has sought cheap signalling equipment. Over the years the demand for high quality, durable and cost-effective signalling equipment has become more prevalent. Customers understand that using high quality products is a reflection on the quality of solutions and services.

4. What do you think are today’s challenges for Cabinet Designers?

Ease of installations and reducing the number of indicators. Also space saving and aesthetically pleasing products on the exterior are key in design appeal as well as clear signalling providing a number of functions.

5. What is unique about your technology vs other suppliers, in connecting all components into one panel system solution?

We are not a solution, but high-performance component manufacturer. Auer products have never had an issue integrating and connecting with other panel system solutions. They are straight forward and reliable when connecting to other components.

6. Do you believe miniaturisation is the right direction to deliver best-in-class Control Cabinets?

Depending on application and the demand of easy access needs after installation. Not necessarily miniaturisation, but space saving is always a plus when it comes to panel builders, and the Auer portfolio offers space saving concerns and customers are quite receptive to this. it’s more common that customers want to fit more products in a specified size panel already than change the size.

7. How has Auer Signal addressed safety and compliance regulations?

Our products ensure the highest recognition and signal range which increases safety and/or operational efficiency in significant scale.

8. What sort of service and customer market does Auer signal support with the latest technology?

Our product life cycle goes beyond 20 years on average and is maintained in between with the latest LED and piezo technology in term of costs and performance. Auer is efficient and effective when it comes to new product launches. All the relevant information is provided to all sales channels (direct / indirect) prior to an officially launch so that this is effectively executed. We engage with industry to ensure that any NPI’s released on the market have been reviewed, tried and tested and evaluated to the highest spec as well as having significance in the market. Once launched, customers can feel that product will be fully supported with all the relevant documentation with demonstration products readily available.

9. What is Auer Signal’s latest innovations to support Design Engineers of the future, in delivering smart factory panel solutions?

Existing and upcoming products with coloured 3D models for early design phase visualization, failure safe connection (M12), highest control flexibility (IO-Link and/or RGB), multifunction products.

10. What does Industry 4.0 and digital database exchange mean to Auer Signal and panel system engineers?

Industry 4.0 is a major objective for Auer Signal and understanding the impact of this on our customers and the perception in industry is carefully analysed to ensure that we can meet the demands required. Providing Engineers online configurators, coloured 3D Models on our website with all required Metadata right from the beginning significantly reduces the selection process in the concept phase.

Auer Signalling Devices. Source: Auer Signal
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