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Eric Biogeaud Hikmicro Business Development Manager Pan European distributors MCDC

Eric was working in T&M and Thermography environment and Distribution for more than 20 years in his past positions as Fluke Distribution regional Manager and Flir Channel sales Manager for Volume Distribution largest accounts. He joined Hikmicro team very recently to be part of the dynamic development of the company on the Thermography market through Distribution.  

Interview with Eric Biogeaud, Hikmicro Business Development Manager Pan European distributors MCDC

1. Who are Hikmicro and what do they produce?

Hikmicro is a newly established company on the Thermography Market. Hikmicro is an affiliate business from World Leader security camera Hikvision group established in 2001. Hikvision group has 9.2 B$ revenues employing 40000 people in the world with facilities in Europe.

Even though company experience is still growing on the Thermography market, the strong resources and investments in terms of R&D make Hikmicro already an important actor on the market with increasing product ranges offering Quality products with professional specifications at attractive pricing for the benefits of our Distribution Partners and their customers.

Hikmicro is producing its own Infrared detectors using the latest technology, which is one of the key successes to play an important role on the thermography market.

2. What applications and solutions are Hikmicro products suitable for?

Hikmicro Thermography products are perfect tools for Contractors, Technicians, and Engineers for their daily jobs checking temperature issues on Pipes, Heaters, Defective insulation for building. But also hot connexions in electrical cabinets, warming engines or bearings to avoid production stops and save money with a limited investment and an easy to use device.   

3. What are some of the challenges of developing and deploying applications in these sorts of environments?

Main challenges in Industrial and Building applications regarding thermography measurements are the capabilities of IR cameras to detect all kinds of invisible issues.

End users must select a product able to detect even small temperature differences (specifically for Building) but also able to identify clearly which cable or connexion has concerns (for Industrial applications) to fix problems.

  • This is why IR detector performance is important
    • size of detectors (more pixels is better)
    • sensitivity (lower sensitivity is better)
  • on top tools to help end users to diagnose issues
    • Hot, cold spots, alarms colours, visible/ optical image, laser pointer to understand localize problems and take right decision to fix issue
  • Report analysis software /communication tools to share information with colleagues/make reports and keep records
  • Compact, lightweight, local language and easy to use for fast ROI

These points have been taken into account in our Hikmicro thermography ranges to offer IR solutions fulfilling technical needs of end users with attractive pricing. Thanks to that, they can afford to invest in Thermography for their daily work and save time and money.    

4. In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing happening in thermal imaging right now and why?

Although IR technology has been available on the market for many years, many potential users are not fully aware of Thermal Imaging benefits for their activity due to high pricing and IR image analysis.

Today, this is not anymore the case as our Hikmicro thermography range is starting at 249E for entry-level products so pricing is not anymore an issue. On top, our HikFusion image mode (IR and Visible images fully integrated) helps the user to clearly understand issues to diagnose solutions.

5. What new products and technologies is Hikmicro working with/on?

Hikmicro will introduce new products in next months; a new Pocket platform (compact & great specification) using the same updated 256×192 pixels detector then our newly launch B20 including our HikFusion image mode bringing to the end user a great experience for his job helping to find hidden issues quickly.

On top some range extensions are in development so our portfolio will be even larger to find the best option for all your customers’ needs and always with an attractive pricing.  

6. What are the key areas of innovation with those products?

These innovations are linked to the benefits of the customers:

  • High-resolution IR detectors (256×192 up to 640×512 pixels) to catch all details
  • High sensitivity IR detectors (30 to 40 mK) for better sharp image
  • HikFusion mode for a better readout and understanding of IR pictures
  • Communication capabilities for image transfer/share via Hikmicro Free App   
  • Affordable High specifications compact format products as our B20 to reach all end users budget

7. What key developments are part of the Hikmicro strategy for 2021?

Hikmicro will continue to extend its range to cover a large part of end users needs and to develop a selective approach to sign partners like Distrelec to reach end users and strengthen our brand awareness on the market.

8. Why should our customers invest in your products and what sets your products apart from the competition?

We could summarize our position to the market and our differentiation as per below:

  1. Growing Thermal Range to cover all needs.
  2. Strong investment in R&D to offer the latest technology on the market.
  3. 20 % cheaper price positioning to fulfil all customers’ budgets.
  4. 25 Hz detector for smooth image.
  5. Superb perceived product quality.
  6. HIKMICRO IR detector technology to drive the market.
  7. 3 years Electronic & 10 years Detector to strengthen confidence in our brand.
  8. HIK Fusion mode for a clear readable image.
  9. VOx technology IR detector for better sensitivity and image quality.
  10. European facilities for a local experience.
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